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Yamaha iPulse vs Assembleon MG1

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 19:43:38 EST 2023 | smtusa

How does the Yamaha iPulse line compare to the Assembleon MG1? My friends had amazing experience with the MG1 and prefer them. I have never seen an iPulse in person. The heads and software look very similar between the two machines. The M2 seems

Yamaha iPulse vs Assembleon MG1

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 25 15:55:23 EDT 2023 | smtusa

The specifications are very similar. Is the key difference speed between them? MG1 being ~10% faster? Will the ipulse take abuse like MG1? MG1 is 2x more expensive, can buy 2 ipulse M2s instead of 1 MG1.

Used Assembleon MG1 For Sale

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 07 18:33:47 EDT 2020 | mosborne

I have a used MG1 for sale with feeders. The machine only has 4000hrs on it. let me know if you are interested.

Assembleon MG-1 and ATS

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 20:52:57 EST 2022 | compit

I have Emerald-X with Double Shuttle Tray Feeder. Can it be connected (DSTF, probably PA 2699/22) to the MG-1?

Yamaha iPulse vs Assembleon MG1

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 23 16:06:27 EDT 2023 | oguzhankoca

User interface is totally different on those machines. iPulse is a price/performance machine, MG1 was the best, once but is pretty old now.

AMS 3.0 Build 30068

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 11 14:33:12 EST 2014 | rangarajd

Hello, I'm currently using the AMS 3.0 Build 30068 software to program my assembleon MG1R and Topaz XII's. The software is currently running on XP and would like to upgrade the OS to win 7 or 8. Is anyone successfully running a newer version of AMS

I need suggestions on which low-medium volume pick and place capable of running 0201 / 01005 components I should buy.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 26 16:07:07 EST 2013 | kevslatvin

What vintage are the gem series you are running? We have some '06 Opal Xii's and place 0201's with them. Haven't tried 01005's. I know you said new but Cardinal Circuit has an auction gonig right now that has a 2010 Assembleon MG1 and a 2006 MG2 and

Mycronic vs. Juki: Your Opinions?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 05:07:03 EDT 2023 | smtusa

On average year how much problems did you have with mychronic? They have some features that are appealing to me that other manufacturers don't do: front feeder loading system, fit through a 36" door, no air compressor make it desirable for offi

long connector and MG1 Yamaha / Assembleon

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 16:42:14 EDT 2023 | compit

I already see that most of these connectors are on trays - I just don't know if they are suitable for the machine. And I don't know what nozzles Yamaha/Assembleon/Philips use.

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 01 09:03:18 EDT 2009 | sys_steven

This is a most INTERESTING thread! Every Pick and Place machine has its plus side and negative. Having worked on both sides, broker/service and production, I think I have a unique perspective on this. Over the years our market has changed to be mo

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