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assembleon topaz and sapphire

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 08:23:49 EDT 2014 | mun4o

hi all, we have smd line with 2 Assembleon topaz X.The real speed of the line is about 12- 13k cph.I want to increase this speed.I intend to buy a Assembleon sapphire and change one of topaz with sapphire ( chip shooter).Has anyone of you similar c

assembleon topaz and sapphire

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 22:06:24 EDT 2014 | proy

Hi You might want to join and post this on my Yahoo Assembleon users group, it is new so we only have 6 or so members, but as it grows it will be more and more useful. My 2c worth is that a sapphire might be kind of old and problematic for support

Juki2000 vs YamahaYV100 or 88

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 14:41:01 EDT 2001 | Roger

In the U.S. you cannot buy Yamaha machines. Assembleon (previously Phillips) exclusively markets Yamaha machines in the U.S. and names the machines after rocks. I think the YV100 is sold as either the Topaz or Sapphire by Assembleon.

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 10:35:02 EDT 2018 | reckless

Rob, I tried looking up information on google about assembleon sapphires and not finding anything. Do you recommend sapphire for a cheap older chip shooter? My smallest part is a 32pin QFN and 0402.

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 13:27:40 EDT 2021 | robl

You didn't pick an easy one to start with did you, the Sapphire is a particular beast that can either amaze or send users to the depths of dispair. If you are in Europe DM me & I'll send you some helpful contacts.

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 19:11:28 EDT 2021 | compit

video card is damaged, check also 12V power supply or HD - sometimes defragmentation helps (!!!)

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 18:16:41 EDT 2021 | mi123ms

Replacing the vision card 1B solved the issue. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Assembleon / Philips Sapphire manuals

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 06 15:20:00 EST 2011 | ekki511

Hi together we have just bought a assembleon Sapphire mashine vintage 1998. We are a smal hungaria smt assembling company and need very urgently the manuals. The seller didnt tell, that they are not included . Is there anyone who could please send

Topaz Off-line software.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 19:02:55 EST 2004 | Frank Gearhart - Assembl�on Snr. Software Technical Specialist

The OS/2 software you are referring to is the CSM-PPS v3 which was released in 1999, it is now out of service. The current software for optimizing, balancing, and generating programs for a Topaz and other Gem machines off-line, is GemLine-PPS v8.0,

Juki gang picking same part number

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 02:37:35 EDT 2018 | rob

Hi Thomas, Yes, we are pretty good at feeder maintenance, we gang pick on our Yamaha/Assembleon kit with no issues. On one of our older machines (YV112-3/Sapphire) we pick 12 LEDs at once per side of the machine. On a couple of jobs we exceed the ma

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