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assembleon topaz and sapphire

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 08:23:49 EDT 2014 | mun4o

hi all, we have smd line with 2 Assembleon topaz X.The real speed of the line is about 12- 13k cph.I want to increase this speed.I intend to buy a Assembleon sapphire and change one of topaz with sapphire ( chip shooter).Has anyone of you similar c

assembleon topaz and sapphire

Electronics Forum | Thu May 29 22:06:24 EDT 2014 | proy

Hi You might want to join and post this on my Yahoo Assembleon users group, it is new so we only have 6 or so members, but as it grows it will be more and more useful. My 2c worth is that a sapphire might be kind of old and problematic for support

Juki2000 vs YamahaYV100 or 88

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 14:41:01 EDT 2001 | Roger

In the U.S. you cannot buy Yamaha machines. Assembleon (previously Phillips) exclusively markets Yamaha machines in the U.S. and names the machines after rocks. I think the YV100 is sold as either the Topaz or Sapphire by Assembleon.

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 29 10:35:02 EDT 2018 | reckless

Rob, I tried looking up information on google about assembleon sapphires and not finding anything. Do you recommend sapphire for a cheap older chip shooter? My smallest part is a 32pin QFN and 0402.

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 13:27:40 EDT 2021 | robl

You didn't pick an easy one to start with did you, the Sapphire is a particular beast that can either amaze or send users to the depths of dispair. If you are in Europe DM me & I'll send you some helpful contacts.

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 10 00:19:06 EDT 2021 | mi123ms

I just purchased an Assembleon Sapphire machine and am new to Assembleon machines, and on startup it states "Download Vision Data NG", does this mean the processor board can't download the vision data to the vision board? I have spare boar

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 12 19:11:28 EDT 2021 | compit

video card is damaged, check also 12V power supply or HD - sometimes defragmentation helps (!!!)

Assembleon Sapphire Bring up

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 18:16:41 EDT 2021 | mi123ms

Replacing the vision card 1B solved the issue. Thanks for your help, much appreciated.

Assembleon / Philips Sapphire manuals

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 06 15:20:00 EST 2011 | ekki511

Hi together we have just bought a assembleon Sapphire mashine vintage 1998. We are a smal hungaria smt assembling company and need very urgently the manuals. The seller didnt tell, that they are not included . Is there anyone who could please send

Assembleon GEM series 380V/400V

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 29 09:27:49 EDT 2020 | zombee

Dear friends, We have a pack of Philips/Assembleon pick and place machines, from CSM and GEM series. I want to set up a "new" Emerald machine, it had been working in Germany 1.5 year ago. It has 3-phase connector. I noticed that it was set

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