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Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 09 14:54:22 EDT 2013 | christian01976

Hello! I dont know where you are from but here in Germany Assembleon stopped selling Yamaha machines. Yamaha now sells their machines on their own. The things I know: Yamaha YS24 is equal to Assembloen MC24 Yamaha YS24x equal to MC24x YS12 is MC12

EMERALD X with LCS - PCB output problem

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 14:29:58 EDT 2018 | compit

I have an Emerald X machine (by Assembleon) with an LCS. I start production. The first PCB board runs to the end of the LCS (item 1). Each subsequent stop is BEFORE LCS (item 2) - I have to remove it manually. And so until the production reset - then

Philips/Assembleon Software Update

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 25 10:55:01 EDT 2015 | emanuel

We are using a Comet chipshooter complemented by an Emerald for more complex parts. Both are old but true workhorses, for our small batches are more than enough. There is one annoying thing with the Comet and the 2 tables method when it comes to fidu

Weird issue with Assembleon Opal xii

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 20:20:06 EDT 2019 | kylehunter

This week we assembled around 30 panels of a LED board, totaling around 350 boards. In doing so we had to work around a really crazy issue. 1) A board goes in, all components are placed perfectly. 2) Next board goes in, all components are around 5m

Need Advice on SMT Pick&Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 23 17:01:23 EST 2005 | adlsmt

You may want to look at Universal Instruments as well. We had Assembleon, Panasonic and Contact systems equipment and decided to try to pick one platform for the future to simplify programming and training. We are a high mix CM that also does high vo

advice on used PnP

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 27 17:49:24 EDT 2020 | jmelson

I can't find much info on the older Essemtec machines. First, I'd want to see the "spec sheet", then I'd want to find out what the programming environment is like. (I was really impressed with the Samsung machines in that regard.) I have not seen


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