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Service for assembly equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 16 10:42:49 EST 2006 | pjc

Try Ed Fortuna at IRT 603-759-2953 or http://www.tndservice.com/ These are for the wave bye the way.

Service for assembly equipment

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 14 18:07:15 EST 2006 | Sona

I am looking for someone on the East Cost to service the following equipment. Electrovert EPK and DEK 260. We need to also add some convection heaters on the wave machine. We are located outside Philly, Pa If anyone can provide me with this info I a

Royonics assembly

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 04:28:39 EDT 2015 | hansk

Dear all, new Royonic equipment can be ordered at Mycronic Germany. http://www.mycronic.com/www2/main.nsf/content.xsp?action=openDocument&documentId=5ED0C834AADB1130C1257CC200390FB4&cat=C47&first=true best regards Hans

Used equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 01:39:16 EDT 2007 | basem

Acquire a fast dispensing machine that can deposit solder paste to keep a low volume pick and place machine working. This would save us two things: 1) Stencil delivery waiting period for customers who bring with them their PCBs fabricated in the loca

cellular phone assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 08:19:35 EDT 2004 | Rob

Hi FengAng, Sorry about the misunderstanding - last time I was out there all of the front end SMT equipment was very good, but the final assembly of the phones into cases was being undertaken by hand, whereas in Europe we were seeing a lot of automa

cellular phone assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 05:51:14 EDT 2004 | peter016

SMT equipment is half of the investment. The other half is the test equipment. The popular choice for test equipment are either R&S CMU or Agilent. For GSM/GPRS, it's about US50K per piece.

cellular phone assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 05:43:44 EDT 2004 | peter016

SMT equipment is just part of the capital investment. Another big chunk of invesment is the test equipment. You have a choice of R&S CMU or Agilent Mementum test box.

cellular phone assembly

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 05:34:12 EDT 2004 | FengAng

Hi Rob, I don't think you're so right about this thing. In China, there're so many companies that are using the most advanced equipments in the world. Machines using in Europe can also be found in China. In my company, we have the equipments like S

SMT assembly line required

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 01 14:23:52 EST 2012 | davef

Post your equipment wants here: http://www.smtnet.com/mart/ Further, links to equipment resellers are posted on that page Used equipment resellers that support SMTnet are: * IBE SMT Equipment , 318 Corporate Woods Dr, Magnolia, TX 77354; (800) 353

About PCB assembly process

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 11:28:44 EDT 1999 | Martin Benites

Hi everyone. My name is Martin Benites from LIma, Peru. I am actually working on a project for automate PCB assembly process in our industry. Actual process is hand-based, thus our startpoint is zero equipment. I have already asked some companies fo

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