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Cleaning Ceramic Substrates

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 25 13:29:08 EST 1998 | Gary Simbulan

We currently use an abrasive fiberglass brush to clean the silver oxide off of our substrates proir to asembly. It's messy and tiring. Is there an alternative method, either chemical or mechanical that is cost effective for small (30 to 50ea 6in sq

Re: Cam/alot dispensers.

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 28 07:18:00 EST 1998 | Wayne Bracy

I would like to hear from other users of their experiences with CAM/ALOT adhesive dispense machines. Pros and cons?? If anyone has comparisons with other equipment that would be great too. Really good company to work with. Have a quality

Vibratory Feeder

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 16:34:25 EDT 1998 | Thomas Nocpen

I have just been asked to do research into vibratory/belt feeders by my mangement. We are transistiioning into a more short run JIT environment for our captive products. My investigation has turned up two suppliers (USVibra, and Comtra Systems). Doe

1005 using Fuji CP3 CP4-3

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 28 16:15:45 EDT 1999 | J. Robotham

Dear Forum Members, Is their anyone who is familar with 1005 placement using a Fuji CP3 and a CP4-3 to perform at CP642 spec's? I have heard of a number of companies doing this. Are there any tech sheets or other site's that may have this procedur

Re: U.S. number for EKRA?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 18:45:08 EDT 1999 | Dan Lambert

Jennifer, Try calling Jim Berhnard at PAA. His number is (508) 695-7557. He is the person you need to talk to. Dan Does anyone have a US or North American phone and address contact for EKRA (Eduard Kraft)? I have been told by several

Re: Electronic manufacturing company near the beach.

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 15 19:04:54 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Is feasible to have an electronic manufacturing company near the beach? How affect the corrosion the electronic components? Oh, I forgot to mention you'll have to get me Isabelle Wong as an assistant. She doesn't know much but she is supposed to


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 12:13:14 EDT 1999 | Eric Maddy

I'm trying to start a small SMT contract shop and I need assistance in selecting equipment. Quad seems to be the leader but if there is something else out there that can better suit me please let me know. My shop starting out is going to be kinda sm

Re: Research of information on SMT technology...

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 09:16:38 EDT 1999 | DaveH

Michael, You can try contacting National Training Center for Microelectronics in Pennsylvania. They are a "for fee" training center, but may be able to supply you with some basic information that would assist your research as a student. Try e-mailing

Re: Strange S-20

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 10:04:18 EST 1999 | PL Sasso

Hi Wes, I was very interested in your S20 problem since I am the Customer Support Center Mgr. for Siemens EAE here in the US. This sounds like a solvable problem. Most likely, due to the random nature, it involves how the vision is locating the pcb

BGA vs. QFP Packaging.

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 06 14:39:50 EST 1999 | Gary Moravchik

I am seeking sources of reliability and thermal stress data that compares BGA (50mil ball pitch) to QFP (20mil lead pitch)packaging for automative applications. Substrate material is epoxy glass. The ultimate goal is to collect sufficient data to hel

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