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GF discoloration

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 22 10:17:11 EST 2011 | huei23

Hi everyone, Our FA team recieved the defect unit from our customer, and the issue is GF discoloration. EDX was conducted and Na element was detected on the discolored area. We're currently working with the customer to determine the rootcause. Pleas

Questions on juki 740

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 23 17:35:36 EDT 2011 | smtequip

No - the factory 740 spec says that it will go down to an 0402. I am a former Juki agent and sold many of these machines new. I now sell them used. If I can assist you let me know: smtequip@gmail.com. Thanks, Scott

vitronic model m4021

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 22:02:12 EDT 2011 | datech

Hi we had just purchase a used vitronic reflow oven, can anyone know to assist us on the user ID (system) for default password. also we need to have the manual and both electrical and operation thank you in advance vincent low

vitronic model m4021

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 23:13:07 EDT 2011 | datech

hi, we need the electrical and operation manual for the oven, can anyone assist us on this thank you in advance best regards vincent low

Dek 265 GSX motor comms failure ...

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 20:52:08 EDT 2011 | dekhead

Low DCV on batteries should not cause issue with MINT download, but will cause loss of MINT files (and necessitate reload) upon power down... Please contact me for additional assistance. http://www.dekhead.com

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 10:44:52 EDT 2012 | rway

Well, your on the right path. Refer to my earlier suggested make/model and well as the four contacts I provided. They can assist you with your testing needs.

Tape and Reel Assistance

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 15:44:33 EDT 2012 | tzawaide

Hi all... I'm in the market for a tape and reel machine; which is whole new animal for me. Looking for recommendations for a good quality and reliable piece of equipment. Your input is greatly appreciated!

Conveyor oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 08:47:44 EST 2012 | rway

There are many used equipment dealers out there. One you can try is: Capital Equipment Exchange Gregg Bartosz 815-363-0800 They can assist you with your needs. Other than being a customer of theirs, I have no affiliation with them.

Nadcap - visual acuity

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 10:14:36 EDT 2013 | blkloss

I am trying to locate national/international standards visual acuity and color blindness testing - circuit card assembly. AC 7120 is vague. Can anyone assist.

Vitronics Unitherm SMR500 spares??

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 14 08:25:16 EST 2013 | aj

Hi all, I am looking for a replacement encoder for the conveyor. Model #: 2112001000 Danaher Controls If anyone can assist on the 2nd user market? aj...

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