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Flip Chip Solder Ball Attach

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 14:58:40 EDT 2009 | davef

Semiconductor fab back-ends and production contractors use laser assisted solder jetting for protoyping, repair, and other low volume flip chip bumping. * As you say, printing paste is going to be very tough to control. * Solid ball placement is ai

Ecofree 303 conductive and corrosive?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 03:59:26 EDT 2009 | hurr

Hallo Joanne, I had employed by producer of Ecofrec 303. We make many tests of corrosion and conductive test in our company. All results of this tests was OK . Vast majority correspond mil standarts. When I ask my labor assistent in BRY, white residu

gpu removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 24 13:24:27 EDT 2009 | markhoch

I can't help but laugh. People ask for help, other people go out of their way to offer assistance, and the people asking for help have so much inexperience that they can't even determine that it was a valid attempt at trying to help solve their probl

SMT Machine spares inventory management

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 25 14:37:13 EST 2009 | ccouture

We use a FREE maintenance management software called Maintenance Assistant http://www.maintenanceassistant.com/ Take a look, we have over 50 machines and all the expendable parts are in the database. scheduled maintenance, work orders etc... pretty

CSM84VZ assistance needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 29 12:45:34 EDT 2009 | europesmt

Probably the machine service key is in on position. Put back to left side. This results in the machine speed is very low and the machine can operate with covers open. Key is located by the hour counter or on the hand held keyboard. Hope this will s

production line automation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 09 19:27:10 EDT 2010 | rway

I am looking at using a bridge handler with our ICT machine. Does anyone have any experience with this equipment or have done something similar on your own? I need advice on what works best and companies and/or contacts that can provide the best af

Mirtec programming discussion

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 15:36:15 EST 2011 | bdamico

Hello eadthem, MIRTEC sells a center board support for our desktop series. Please contact our office directly for more information regarding this option. I beleive that we might be able to offer you additional assistance with your side angle progr

APS Novastar oven tuning?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 17:40:40 EST 2010 | smt_dude

APS hasn't replied yet, but past experience tells me they won't do anything without a significant fee. In the meanwhile, I got some info/assistance from someone else on this, and hoping it gets this working again. I'll find out later when I'm at th

FUJI CP3 Ball Screw

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 15:34:27 EDT 2011 | wingding

I am looking for a FUJI CP3 Y Ball Screw. P/N: W1505-29P-C5Z10. I have contacted ibe, SMT Research, and SMT Parts. FUJI has one but it is $3,000 dollars, in the end $3,000 may be a deal. But for now I'm still looking. Any assistance would be greatly

Flux suppliers

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 03 12:54:05 EDT 2011 | waveroom

I have sold them all and you are correct. Over the last five to eight years there has been a down turn in customer support from the big two. I would suggest Aim solder out of Rhode Island. Their service is excellent, they do provide on site assistanc

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