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Re: Cigerette Smoke Contamination of PCA's

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 21:01:15 EST 2000 | Thomas Ravener

IBM, Endicott, New York did extensive research on that. There was also some information I think that was published. You may want to contact Howard Manko of Manko & Associates. He's the soldering guru and has written many books on soldering & solderab

Intermetalic Growth with Gold Finishes

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 17:00:51 EDT 2001 | Doug Chambers

I am researching articles with respect to intermetalics growth associated with gold as a final metalization. We are currently looking at a few options that include a 10uin flash followed by a 30uin selective and a total 30uin finish. The concern is

Rework using flux pens

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 08 17:29:20 EST 2002 | davef

Your research is on track. NC flux needs to reach activation temperature. Also, do not depend on the corrosion characteristics associated with the flux classification (ie, L1, L0, M1, M0, etc.), until the flux is activated by exposure to soldering

Military wire harness guru

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 21 08:36:42 EDT 2002 | davef

We know of no one like that, but angles to take in looking for this person might be: * 'Connector Specifier' Susan Woods 847-876-5602 * Ed Cady, Meritec, 888-637-4832 * Robert Mroczowski, ConnNtext Associates, 717-664-2246 * John Peel, Contech Resear

Zn/Pb Diffusion

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 15:48:28 EDT 2002 | davef

I don�t know much about zinc either. I can tell you that zinc forms no intermetallics with lead. So, I�m not so sure that �diffusion� is the correct term. Of the following: * Hwang "Modern Solder Technology For � * Wassink "Soldering In Electronic

Assembly of CSP on pads with vias.

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 23 09:36:35 EST 1999 | Parvez Patel

Hi Everyone, We plan to build, for reliability/experimental/research purpose some CSPs (namely Tessera microBGA 46-I/O 0/75mm pitch and TI 64 I/O 0/8 mm pitch). the various factors that we plan to evaluate are the reliability and assembly concerns fo

Cu dissolution PTH

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 11:41:54 EDT 2005 | patrickbruneel

Thanks for the response Dave This whole lead free joke gives me ulcers Compare the findings in the real world (threads in this forum) with the conclusions from the lead free industry counsel. The SAC305 is announced the "alloy of choice" here's a li

Lo Behold Voids!!!!

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 11:55:04 EDT 1999 | Parvez

hi everybody, We've been doing some studies on assembly of CSPs. We assembled these packages on micrivia-in-pad patterns. These are 15/13.5/11 mil pads with 6 mil design microvia, using photo/laser/plasma tech. We are seeing voids, as big as the micr


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 31 12:37:28 EDT 2007 | jdengler

Hi aj, We recently purchased an AOI machine. While doing the first pass research to see which machines to put through a head to head competition I discovered a major improvement in the programming for newer machines. If you buy used, get one that

die comparitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 30 14:48:03 EDT 2003 | davef

A failure analysis laboratory can delid and assess your parts. Some commercial labs are: * Accurel Systems International 785 Lucerne Dr Sunnyvale, CA 94085 408-737-3892 Fax: 3916 [ http://www.accurel.com/ ] * ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS, INC. 10401 Researc

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