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Looking to start/buy/lease a small SMT shop

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 05 16:20:49 EDT 2011 | cvoyles

I work with a small EMS shop that has extremely good capability because I created it for an R&D Lab for the U.S. Army. We have at times discussed leasing the equipment/facility to other companies who prefer that to farming out their work to an EMS.

Conformal Coat Masking

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 15:27:44 EDT 2003 | A

FYI: Nordson lover. Asymtek is a Nordson company. The Nordson SelectCoat is on the Asymtek web site

Solder mask dispensing machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 22 19:32:27 EST 2011 | kenkay

We are looking for a new machine to replace our Asymtek C-708 that we use for wave masking. Asymtek offers a D-585 but we were looking for something better then a table top unit. Any recommendations on a company or machine? Thanks

Asymtek C740 Programming

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 27 19:06:59 EDT 2021 | assuredtech

Hi SMTNET Friends, I'm looking for a Tech that has Asymtek programming experience that would like to take on a project in the Texas area. Please reach out to me at AssuredTech@yahoo.com Thanks much ATS

Asymtek vs. Camalot

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 12 21:25:28 EDT 2005 | Chris Griffin

I have experience with both Xyflex and Asymtek. I think the M2000 is much easier to maintain. About 30 minutes once a week to clean the valve. The dots are more consistant, also.

Asymtek c 740

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 12 23:14:17 EDT 2015 | giulius58

Hy guys, someone know Asymtek C740? I want to overaul a part o his. thanks

Asymtek C740 wiring diagram

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 11:33:57 EST 2016 | giulius58

Hy Guys, my old asymtek c740 have a problem ate the Y stepper motor, i want to try to repair it, but i need wiring diagram of machine.. where i can find them? Thanks and sorry for my english :)

Asymtek vs. Camalot

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 10:27:40 EDT 2005 | CEB

Have you taken a look at PVA, they have very good dispensing systems as well.

Coating Systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 07:08:48 EDT 2007 | sitges2200

Hi, I am looking to find a coating line , but have few experience. Something besides Asymtek and PVA?

Asymtek old software

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 09 09:58:40 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

I have copies of this software. If you are still in need me an email and I will get a copy to you.

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ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions
ASYMTEK Products | Nordson Electronics Solutions

A leader in automated fluid dispensing, jetting, and conformal coating. Products include stand-alone dispensing workstations and fully automated, in-line conveyorized systems with advanced process controls.


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Carlsbad, CA USA

Phone: 760-431-1919