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selective soldering approch

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 18:54:10 EDT 2004 | Dreamsniper


Thermal cycling

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 04 10:17:16 EST 2005 | Amol

i though they had a accleration factor as a relationship between ATC and actual life cycles

ATC Fail Criteria

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 14:47:25 EST 2005 | Amol Kane

Hi, I am testing some lead-free assemblies using ATC. it was suggested to me that if i do in-situ testing, then i should measure the starting resistance, and subsequent resistances values after n cycles, and when the resistance value increases by 1 o

Altera: smt to thruhole

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 18 10:42:05 EDT 2002 | Benny

I am asking if is there a wirw wrap socket that can fit flex10k smt component [(epf10k10atc100-3) 100 pin]. or if is there thruhole flex10k ?

Juki 740 head calibration jig?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 09 04:11:43 EDT 2018 | jandon

It is Juki CAL PIECE A E3622721000 calibration jig. It is also necessary to have 508 nozzle in ATC.

Head doesnt pickup nozzle from ATC (+2mm are needed)

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 09:56:09 EDT 2022 | jojoled

Hi guys, from certain time (not sure, but it could be power down last week) none of the 2 heads can succesfully pickup nozzle from ATC (after startup calibration is done, but in the calibration sequence the ATC height is not measured, it just calibra

Thermal cycling

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 04 08:10:04 EST 2005 | Amol

Hi all, If i know my field conditions and the required lifespan of the final product, how can i decide what thermal cycle to use for ATC to qualify the product?? I have the JEDEC standards for min-max temps and dwells, but how do i translate them int

Thermal cycling

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 04 11:18:34 EST 2005 | patrickbruneel

I agree with Dave 100%, ATC will expose the board and components weaknesses and potential design problems and/or the need for conformal coating. The life span can only be predicted and/or extended by well-documented field failure analyses history and

solder joint crack in post thermal cycling test at Dye & Pry

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 08:21:05 EDT 2010 | esca

Hi manchella, After ATC test, two different failure modes can be present: solder FATIGUE (into bulk) or BRITTLE INTERMETALLIC fracture. So, first you have to verify this. Moreover, which brand of SMT paste have you used ? The crack into solder joint

Juki Operator Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 15 04:45:22 EDT 2013 | jandon

Cleaning and lubrication requires maintenance training. You can really break something if you don't know what you are doing. For example you can break your expensive rubber nozzles or cameras with inappropriate cleaning. Check: - Piping and joint -

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