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Downloadable SMD librarys in Internet

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 15 06:49:48 EST 2003 | matt kehoe

http://www.ipc.org/atlanta/data_sheet.htm The Atlanta IPC Designers Council has a nice set of links to many data sheets. mkehoe@sipad.net

HP In Circuit Test Help in Atlanta, Unix Based

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 14:16:42 EDT 2004 | mattkehoe

This is an unusual request but we need a Unix, HP, In Circuit Test Expert for some technical work. This is located in Norcross GA, near Atlanta and we need them now!!! Any takers? Call 770-475-4576 and ask for Matt Kehoe. mk

Advantek ATR-1000 Repair Needed in Atlanta

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 14 10:39:08 EDT 2009 | dekedeac

I need an experienced technician in the Atlanta area to repair an Advantek ATR-1000 tape & reel machine.

Custom Machine Builders

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 02 14:07:12 EDT 2007 | mattkehoe

Does not need to be in the Atlanta area!!!

smt operator looking for work!

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 17:05:09 EST 2009 | thirdeyeny

Carlton Berry I am looking in augusta goergia or atlanta goergia and surrounding cities!

vacuum reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 22 14:45:19 EDT 2021 | nhusa

The SMTA Space Coast /Atlanta presentation will have a bit more information.


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 10:09:36 EST 2002 | davef

�get rich quick promotions�. Unfortunately, they are not aimed at getting YOU rich quick, which is your assumption, they are aimed at getting the promoter rich quick. These are aimed at people that are too lazy and stupid to do their own work. And

HP In Circuit Test Help in Atlanta, Unix Based

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 23:46:19 EDT 2004 | fastek

Matt- I know the best in the business but he's located in California. Send me an e-mail if you can't locate one nearer to you. Rick

Regarding BGA Pad Lifting

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 10:25:24 EST 2016 | capse

Akrometrix is a company here in Atlanta that measures surface topography at reflow temperatures for the PCB and component. They have software that overlays the two sets of data to look for warpage problems. They offers this as a service as well as se

vacuum reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 12:48:40 EDT 2021 | freddimock

Hello Graham, There are no simple answers to your questions but I will be giving a virtual talk covering the reasons for vacuum reflow with void data and unintended consequences in a few weeks at the SMTA joint Space Coast - Atlanta Chapter conferen

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