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Argon Leaking Rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 15 09:59:56 EDT 1998 | Miangui Xue

I have a hermetic package with 1 atm of Helium (5% vol.) and Argon (95%) inside. We have detected the helium leaks at 5*e-8 ccatm/sec. My question is what is the leaking rate of argon. Can anybody provide any insight or information to calculate the r

Mirtec programming discussion

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 17:29:55 EST 2011 | eadthem

So Ive talked to mirtec and there going to get us some info on getting a pre release to fix the issues we have had. ATM our current tooling works ok for most things, but when they look in to another mv3, Ile mention that it might be nice having some

Pings Trace Routes

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 13:05:19 EDT 1999 | Clifford Peaslee

Brian, Depending on where you are, the traffic "route" is different. This is what I have: (TRACERT SMTNET.COM) 2 10 ms 10 ms 10 ms 7507port02-atm.maine.rr.com 3 20 ms 90 ms 20 ms sl-gw7-nyc-6-1-0.sprintlink.net 4 20 ms

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 12:32:35 EDT 2008 | tonyamenson

So here is my problem with the info you gave. If my preheat topside max is 150 - 170 C but my flux calls out a topside temp of 93 - 104 C..... ....Im pretty much up a creek becuase of a poor flux choice? FYI. we are using the Indium 3590-TX for bo

Versatronis RV1 frame grabber

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 09:36:58 EST 2009 | jlbelectronics

Hi, I have a Versatronics RV1 pacer with 7 feeders and camera system. The camera function seems to have stopped working. The compostite output from the camera is working anf the cable has beend chekced. The PC frame grabber card is manufactured by A

Low Cost SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 08 18:52:42 EDT 2020 | neosroger

We are looking to improve our SMT Line; We currently have Quad 4C (P&P) CPH; 3600 Capacity: 68 (std 8mm feeders) Minimum Pitch: 0.635mm(0.025") Could you suggest a reliable new Pick n' Place for better CPH and capacity for a value price? We found

EMS PCBA - SMT Excel Calculator

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 27 09:43:53 EDT 2018 | directx995

Hello everyone, I've been working on a project to create Cycle Time Calculator. To be simple, easy to use, and fast. We are EMS, we do a lot of calculations and offers, it takes time. I want to design calculator which will work without adding exampl

Yamaha YV88X / Philips Assembleon EMERALD-X optimalization problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 06:59:37 EDT 2021 | joost

This is what I do when I want certain feeders to stick to certain positions: put all my feeders on feeder slot 0. Then put the feeders I do not want to move to the feeder slot they are in (program to spot 4,21 or what ever feeders slot you want them

X-Out Board

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 02:21:40 EST 2012 | eadthem

Most PNP machines and AOI machines shuld have a X out feature. For us we use to use whiteout pens to mark the badsense spot. Now atm we use white lables, becuase there is no dry time. The lables have there own issues, They cause overpasteing issues

Dye Penetration test for area array package failure analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 18:11:03 EDT 2001 | davef

First, what on the area array package are you analyzing � * Package cracking? * Cracked solder balls? * Er, what? Second, most failure analysis discussions consider dye penetration to be a non-destructive test, but then again most failure analysis

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