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IC Solder Voiding

Dec 11, 2019 | Although this is not technically a bottom termination component, the method of attachment of the the

Component Skew during Reflow Process

Aug 1, 2019 | hi Team, observed component skew during reflow process. Inductor location. I have attached the im


Jun 3, 2016 | I am planning to attach 1760 pin BGA. The pitch is 1mm and Balls are SAC alloy type. The PCB is for

Looking for ball attach capability on panel assembly

Aug 19, 2015 | Looking for a Santa Clara area contract service with capability to attach 15mil dia. solder coated C

Advice for a newbie, please: Can an existing PSB be adapted to slow it down? Maybe add a resistor?

Aug 10, 2015 | Thanks for your reply, Rob. I wish I could attach images here, but despite the option for 'attachme

How to measure dimensions in gc prevue?

Aug 5, 2015 | could u please attach the snapshot for the same

PCB profiling

Feb 13, 2015 | What would be a recommended way and were to attach therms for profiling on a board with a BGA or BGA

Stencil choice

Aug 1, 2014 | Check attachments.

PoP parts

Apr 15, 2014 | Can you attach a photo of said component? Reese

Through Hole Pad contamination

Nov 12, 2013 | Dave, See attachments. Thanks.

Monte Generoso board

Aug 28, 2013 | Thanks, now the attachment link works.

Monte Generoso board

Aug 27, 2013 | When I clicked on "attachment" a new page with a box for adding attachments appeared. Try again???

Electrovert Omniflo 5 manual needed

Jul 11, 2013 | Not sure if this will help or not, but I attached a couple of files that I had laying around.

SMT Components

Jul 9, 2013 | formula(s) attached.

Solder Ball Composition

Apr 25, 2013 | Hi, I attach two pictures for you. Hope they help

LED rejection driving me nuts

Apr 11, 2013 | Hi All, sorry to bug you, the attached picture of a LED is driving me nuts,

SMT voiding

Oct 23, 2012 | I have attached a PDF overview of some test we have done and the results. (fixed oven profile)


Dec 12, 2011 |

QP 242

Mar 29, 2011 | Hi 1st, Please find attached BGA manual this may help you, regards llew

BGA solder bridge

Feb 28, 2011 | Davef I tried to click the "Attachment" button, but it trigger "Post" button, so I can't attach the

Adhesive for Thermocouples

Nov 3, 2010 | Hi, Can someone recommend an adhesive / epoxy for attaching the tips of thermocouples to the PCB?

4791 Placement accuracy

Apr 9, 2010 | Accuracy for a 4791 is +- .004. I have attached the GS.

Temperature Profiling

Dec 24, 2009 |

BGA Solderability Issue

Dec 6, 2009 | Attached is the BGA BALL soldered underneath reflow profile , plz check and advice.

PCB Delamination in PTH hole

Oct 26, 2009 | pls find attached photo from Supplier saying that the failure at pth hole was due to blistering caus

DEK Stencil image offset?

Jul 17, 2009 | See attachment. Hope it is useful.

BGA pads lifting from PCB

Jul 2, 2009 | On first glance it looks like those particular pads were not attached to any traces. If I had to gue

BGA pads lifting from PCB

Jul 1, 2009 | can anyone suggest possible causes or further analysis for the lifted pads in attached picture. than

QFN 16 Soldering

Jun 12, 2009 | Minimize scavanging by the attached trace and provide more uniform temperatures between all pads.

American RoHS

Jun 5, 2009 | Look in attachment what NASA has to say about lead free electronics

broken components

May 27, 2009 | Please describe the break in the components. Attaching pictures would be helpful.


May 5, 2009 | Check out the attached and compare your issue w/ the issue in the attached. If it's 'beading' versu

board delaminated after reflow

Apr 7, 2009 | Board delaminated after reflow - see attached picture. Does moisture cause this problem?

What does it mean by electronic assembly type?

Nov 18, 2008 | See the attached PDF

Fuji cp43 pcb layout

Oct 31, 2008 | The following attachment I hope is useful.

BGA cracking

Sep 18, 2008 | Hi Please see attachment Adam

BGA cracking

Sep 16, 2008 | Would you attach pix of the sections?

FYI, ROHS Panel Discussion

Aug 6, 2008 | see attachment

Camalot 1818

Jul 30, 2008 | Ours are 1996 models. No special hoses needed, just attach the air hose and your ready to run.

The $38 Billion Blunder

May 23, 2008 | see attachment (no further comments)

Soldering problem on BGA with SAC105 bump

Mar 4, 2008 | The attached photo from cross section. (like head in pillow)


Jan 23, 2008 | Se�or Tech: There's check-box at the bottom of the attachment screen

QFP144 soldering problem

Sep 15, 2007 | Hi, I attach the termocouples with high temperature solder wire, at the QFP pins.Other thermocopl

QFP144 soldering problem

Sep 10, 2007 | How are you attaching your thermocouples to measure the temperature of the lead/pad connection?

Next generation soldering station - Metcal

On-board Dispensing of Dots & Lines