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Soldermask Defined BGA Pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 07:09:12 EDT 2004 | mattkehoe

Not really. Our process is a solid solder deposition application so we are not placing components into the wet paste prior to reflow. We print the paste then reflow is without components, trying to create a meniscus which is then washed, flattened,

BGA Soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 09:05:15 EST 2004 | russ

I have never experienced voids when using the flux only for application. Search the archives for void causes. As far as "more paste is better" I think that could be a true statement if we are talking about adapting to co-planarity type issues. My

Rivscrew� Good Bad Ugly

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 21:10:02 EST 2004 | davef

Some GD saleman [Oops, make that very nice saleman. He took me along for lunch.][Just kidding, all you sales types out there. You know how much I like to put burrs under your saddles. ;-) We kid because we care.] got into the catacombs to wake-up o

Rivscrew� Good Bad Ugly

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 15:18:15 EST 2004 | Dave G

Let's go for Ugly..... I've used these in the past for attaching connectors to boards and tabbed Transistors to extruded Aluminum heatsinks with mixed results. The concept is great but, in practice there are some headaches to deal with. We've gotten

Vacuum Bake out of plastic BGAs

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 11:08:39 EST 2005 | mrgman9999

We are having a problem with popcorning of a plastic BGA that has been under careful humidity control. We have had problems in the past and some have been related to too much trapped internal solvents from the die attach epoxy. We did a life time b

ceramic cap cracking

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 08:51:25 EST 2005 | Dougs

we have a capacitor cracking on one of our boards, there are four of the same cap on the board and only one cracks, we are seeing about 6% of the component cracking. it's not near the edges of the board and he board is 2.4mm thick so i dont think it


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 01:26:17 EST 2005 | Marv

A couple of things.. 1) The problem is more than likely on the magazine board itself (TC2), most likely the pal chip that stores the serial number and feeder information (you could swap this with a working magazine to verify) 2) The magazine connecto

Exhaust on Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 13:00:12 EDT 2005 | slthomas

"His opinion was that you could never achieve 500cfm, even with a jet engine attached, as the outlet on the oven was too small..." I had that experience with a washer that blew steam out of the entrance. He said we'd collapse the pipe before we ever

BGA testing - Xray

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 18:10:20 EDT 2005 | russ

You should use Xray to qualify your process. Frequency of Xray inspection after that will need to be determined by your process capability. If you use paste inspection process, once you verify that your profile and placement are good you in theory

COB Costing

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 17 21:58:35 EDT 2005 | plcc

Does anyone familiar with COB process? I hv a PCBA product with one of the photodiode (size 26mmx1mm) which needs to be bonded directly on the pcb using COB technology. The wires that need to be bonded are 2, goldwires for about 100microAmp current.

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