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SMT are Dima, Autotronik and Fritsch the same machine?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 01:53:22 EDT 2007 | basem

My simple thoughts are that Manncorp is responsible for simply selling and supporting these machines for these OEMs in the U.S.A. I have talked over the phone with the guys in Germany at Autotronik and Manncorp is their distributor in the U.S.A. Auto

SMT are Dima, Autotronik and Fritsch the same machine?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 30 16:58:44 EDT 2007 | jasont

I know that Manncorp is the Autotronik machine re-branded. Another post mentioned Manncorp provides service for the Dima brand in USA as well. Does this mean they are all essentially the same machine? Who is the OEM? Thanks, Jason

Im looking for Autotronik feeders K08HS

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 14:21:51 EDT 2016 | freakshow

Hi, If anyone has extra feeders for sale I could use a couple. Mancorp MC384 autotronik smart feeder K08HS If this is the wrong thread for this question I apologise. Thank You

Im looking for Autotronik feeders K08HS

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 22 12:33:26 EDT 2016 | mosborne

Did you ever find the feeders that you were looking for?

Manncorp / Autotronik 390N Laser Malfunction Error

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 21 01:13:18 EDT 2016 | habbycam

Issue fixed. Thank you


Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 16 06:04:59 EDT 2005 | pci

hello i am looking for a mid volume pick 'n' place m/c. one of local distributor approached me with the details of autotronik's products. (www.autotronik-smt.com) but i learnt that their system is exactly that of manncorp.( http://www.manncorp.com ).

SMT are Dima, Autotronik and Fritsch the same machine?

Electronics Forum | Tue May 01 13:49:22 EDT 2007 | jasont

Thanks Basem. Did you get my direct e-mail regarding used equipment options? We are in Canada and have EMS factories in Suzhou, China and Guragon, India. Regards, Jason

Pick and place pickle

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 09:56:37 EDT 2008 | gabriella

hello Zonker cheaper versions tws essemtec ivastech heeb fridge autotronik more expensive: mydata siemens juki uic GSM europlacer ipulse assemblion I will definitely miss some, but at least is some place to start.

MC386(BS386) Cam1, Cam2, Cam3

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 10 18:30:11 EDT 2010 | forrodabahia

Dear, I am conducting a study of machine vision cameras, and I wonder if anyone has any autotronik. Anyone who has, could you please tell me the function of camera3? Thanks

Pick and place machine for small productions. Any suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 10 00:52:46 EST 2014 | mmdashti

Dear Madam/Sir; 1)Unfortunately after some installations and commissioning SMT and THT machines from Beijing Torch (Termway) company in Iran , the quality and operation of these machines seems so so... bad in quality. Because we have some advertise

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