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Assembleon / Philips

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 12 03:04:25 EST 2016 | sophyluo1985

Hello Everyone, We have Assembleon AX501 machine available for sale. Please kindly contact us if you are interested in. Thank you very much! sophy_smt@126.com

PPS PRO-pp edit

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 15:19:13 EST 2019 | med_cezir

Hi everyone. I wanna learn how I can edit pre generated pick and place program(x.pp file) for AX501.

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 09:11:05 EDT 2007 | wrongway

im looking at a universal spec that says there advantis ax72 machine can go up to 25" board length with special kit

Software compatibility between MSR and AX-72

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 13:15:13 EDT 2007 | brulal1

Hi everyone you are upgrading our line, we already have and MSR HD 15 from Panasonic, we want to add and Advantis AX-72 form Universal. Panapro sotware don't have the option for the Advantis Ax72, so for now we have to used both software Panapro to g

Software compatibility between MSR and AX-72

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 14:08:25 EDT 2007 | adlsmt

You may want to look at Aegis software. I think the website is http://www.aiscorp.com. We use it for programming our AX-72 and used to use it for our Panasonic machines as well. (we leter sold the Panasonic machines)


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 24 14:57:09 EDT 2022 | spoiltforchoice

Indeed, back in 2010 or so I had quotes for a MY100 with a Hydra head,as part of that I did get them to run a theoretical build time for one of our own boards. That came back @ just under 7k cph, it was a pretty sensible board with a nice range of th

Panasert Programming and host manuals required

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 13 15:54:53 EDT 2006 | Osvaldo Smith

Hello, I am trying to find some Programming and host manuals for the following Panasert and Sony machines: MSH-G1 (Panasert SMT) RH2 (Panasert Through Hole) RH3 (Panasert Through Hole) RH5 (Panasert Through Hole) JVK (Panasert Through Hole) AX (Pan

Optimizer software for different brand of Pick and place equipme

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 20 13:45:12 EDT 2007 | brulal1

We are low volume high mix, when we program the pick and place equipment we like to program and optimize several different PCB on the same set-up. We used to work with Panapro form Panasonic. I have and MSR, MPA 3F and Universal Advantis AX-72. Looki

Optimizer software for different brand of Pick and place equipme

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 29 10:10:46 EDT 2007 | ed_faranda

Panasonic Flexi-Cam is supposed to support different types of equipment (including third party). Not sure if it will support AX-72, if they don't, you could ask. I know they support a range of Universal Equipment. Back in the day, when PanaPRO woul

Pick and Place Startup - LQPF100 bridging issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 23:17:12 EDT 2021 | llawrence

Hello everyone, I work for a company that, up until now, has done everything using through-hole components. This has been fine for years, but we have been pushed into the world of surface mount manufacturing by a new product that is far cheaper and

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