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Re: Looking for someone who can fix the servo board of CP 4-2

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 10:22:15 EDT 1999 | a.blair

Fuji is usually the cheapest you will find. I think around $750 for them to repair it. the last time I checked they have an exclusive patent on their PCB backplane design so there would not be any real way to bench test it. they also have rights to t

Re: IR Versus Hot Air - Put-Up Your Dukes...........Not a lot of blood guys!!!

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 22:43:26 EDT 1999 | Dean

I finaly get a vacation and decide to go to the forum and low and behold it's hot air verses a small ray of sun.I read every thread and still failed to see any real argument either way? I love rework as an assembler. I hate rework as a shop owner.


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