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Recycle ESD bag ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 16:08:43 EST 2001 | CAL

As long as the bag integrety is not sacrificed I would put it back into production. no tears, wear, exessive labels, folds........ In a previous life many moons ago.......we would have our receiving department put returned field failures in used ba

Recycle ESD bag ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 19 20:52:58 EST 2001 | zam_bri

This may sounds silly....but, still need to have some info on this. Anyone has an experience in recycling the ESD bag. If any, pls help me with the followings : - How many cycles can the ESD bag can be used. - How do we mark the ESD bag to make sur

Recycle ESD bag ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 19 21:13:53 EST 2001 | davef

Check http://www.esdjournal.com/techpapr/ryne/esdbags.htm for some answers to your questions. We have found that the costs for testing and keeping track of use cycles make this more trouble than it's worth.

Vacuum Bags

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 11:49:52 EDT 2007 | stepheniii

You want Moisture Barrier Bags (MBB). It is possible you are calling these bags, standard anti-static bags. If you can see anything through the bag, they are not what you want to use for vacuum sealing. In any case make sure you get MBBs.

Anyone Familiar with Zip-Top Moisture Barrier Bag?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 20:01:26 EDT 2009 | davef

We don't use bags like you describe. All of our bags are ESD shield bags that have dissipative and antistatic attributes. We'd be uneasy about the zip lock closure thing. Use your static field meter to determine the charge generated by opening and

wave solder bean bags

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 02:06:52 EDT 2007 | desun

Excuse me, I wonder how this bag working.

Lead Filled Bean Bags for Thru-Hole Wave Solder Components

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 14 10:10:04 EST 2002 | davef

This is a good idea. Heck, you could fill the bags with sand, if you wanted. Like anything else in the shop, bean bags require attention and maintenance. If you don't, eventually the seams on the bags loosen / break and you have to do a "clean-u

static shielding bubble bags shipping damage

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 15:27:50 EDT 2016 | rvines1

Has anybody else had issues with shipping circuit boards in static shield bubble bags? It appears that parts are getting ripped off during shipping. I suspect that they're getting caught in the bubbles when the boards shift in the bags as the boxes

Re: Floating part at wave.

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 20:35:28 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Charlie: What takes longer? 1 Forming component leads to prevent lifting 2 Placing a bag of pellets on the board, waving the board, taking the bag off the board, straightening the components, returning the bag to the front of the wave, etc, etc Goo

Vacuum Bags

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 11:37:56 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi all, Are there special type bags which you need to use for Vacuum sealing Boards/tray parts etc. or are they just the standard anti-static bags ? aj...

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