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Silver Immersion Finish - Moisture bake out guideline?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 17:59:54 EDT 2010 | hegemon

Therein lies the issue. Unknown storage conditions before we received the PCBs, date codes just expired (2 weeks), first article is de-lam city! Had a bad feeling about it. Have read some studies showing that there is no linear tie in of visual cha


Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 10:47:56 EDT 2020 | davef

IPC-1601 covers PWB bake-out, methods for determining optimum bake time and temperature, caveats for certain PWB plating finishes, etc. IPC-1601 is to bare boards as J-STD-033 is to components

Parylene coating - spots defect around via holes & other flat surface

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 07 08:48:45 EDT 2016 | davef

Two things ... A friend in the contract coating business said: "... the board is not being baked out long enough, 30 min is certainly not long enough depending on how many layers this board is, as the vacuum (from the parylene process) is pulling t

OSP and getting full pad wetting??

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 18 18:06:47 EDT 2014 | davef

Methods that can reduce the wettability of OSP: * Previous heat cycles * Previous cleaning cycles * IPC-1601 "Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines" says do not bake prior to soldering * Using improper handling methods BR ... davef

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 02:46:21 EST 2010 | libandara

We want to handle the materials such as PCB & MSD components as per IPC 1601 & J-STD-033. As such, we need a baking oven to perform this and to monitor (temperature – we have to maintain up to 200’C & humidity – below 5%)the control environment & ma

PCB Baking after Wash

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 09:46:31 EST 2008 | lazzara55

SMT-ypw: Do you have information about IPC D-35 for reference? B3: The D-35 is a subcommittee responsible for developing industry guidelines on the proper handling, shipping and storage of printed boards and printed board assemblies. Moisture is a ma

PCB Baking after Wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 09:49:11 EST 2008 | lazzara55

Dear Steven: Often the recommendations for baking prior to assembly are derived from various J-stds. But J's currently concern baking moisture out of components, and fail to address the moisture issues of the PCB. Because of that, there is the IPC D


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