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BGA baking

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 23 10:16:47 EDT 2011 | blnorman

If these are moisture sensitive they are required to be shipped in a moisture barrier bag and labeled as moisture sensitive. Depending on which moisture sensitivity level (MSL) the components have, floor life can range from unlimited to a mandatory

BGA baking

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 20 14:47:29 EDT 2011 | floydf

We are going to be placing BGAs for the first time, and I have some questions. Is it recommended top bake all of the boards and all of the BGAs before production? I have had good luck baking boards that didn't wave solder well. It usually turns out

Over baking BGA- ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 09:16:55 EST 2006 | der

thanks for that Ger.

Over baking BGA- ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 04:25:56 EST 2006 | der

one of the guys was baking a 672BGA . he mistakenly left the oven on over night so instead of baking for 12 hours at 125 degrees C, they got baked for 24 hours. Is there any detrimental impact on the BGAs or are they just well baked???

Micro BGA baking

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 02:30:46 EDT 2001 | praveen

Hello Friends, Please advise how critical is the Micro BGA baking? The BGA size is around 7x7mm and we need to program it before mounting. The Micro BGA's are supplied in Trays and are put in to tape and reel after programming.We need to put these BG

Over baking BGA- ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 09:00:46 EST 2006 | GS

if you look at the J-STD-033B, you will see that such a large PQFP could stay even longer the 24h at 125�C even if internally is already totally dry. It could be, the balls can get oxided and also IMC (Inter metallic compounds) could grow avery littl

PCB baking for rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 00:53:39 EDT 2002 | kennyg

What is a typical time/temp baking cycle for an assembly prior to BGA rework? This bake is intended to prohibit PCB or nearby component damage as well as protect the component being removed for reball. A 24 hr bake at 125C would be great, but often

PCB baking for rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 01:12:31 EDT 2002 | ppcbs

We find that baking PCB assemblies at 90 degrees C in a Blue M forced air oven is safe for most all PCB's that we have encountered over the past 12 years. We remove any external plactic hardware that may be attached to the assembly and also like to

Micro BGA baking

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 10 15:46:07 EDT 2001 | davef

Probably, but the fabricator of these components can best respond to this question. The need to bake depends on the component design. J-STD-020 and J-STD-033 [as I recall] relate to moisture sensitive components and define 6 classes of moisture sen

Micro BGA baking

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 13 17:38:05 EDT 2001 | fmonette

Praveen, Once you find out the MS level of your components, you will need to track the exposure time from when the parts are initially removed from their dry bags, through test, programming, taping, and during subsequent dry storage and use of thes

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