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baking out pcbs after reflow process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 22:48:54 EDT 2012 | joeion

It is correct to remove moisture in PCB by baking. But I think the time and temperature is too little. According to our experience, it should be more than 60min at 120 centigrade degrees.

baking out pcbs after reflow process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 02:15:53 EDT 2012 | thmeier

Check also the specs / recommendations of your PCB manufacturer. We bake boards 4h/120°C before reflow and after automated cleaning (it´s not FR4!) and also if we have to rework with the autometd rework- stations (massive IR underheating ,..). Regar

baking out pcbs after reflow process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 11:26:08 EDT 2012 | cobham1

I need help with how long do I need to bake out double sided PCB's that have been cleaned. The units will not be reworked but instead will be moved on to hand stuffing. I have looked in IPC CH-65B and J-STD-033C. I get information for parts if I am r

Bare PCB baking

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 19 02:59:24 EST 2002 | yngwie

Hi Experts out there, pls help me with the following matters. How important is the bare PCB baking ? What is the temperature for baking @ what RH ? What would be the impact for the ENTEK finished board should the baking is really necessary ? For t

PCB baking for rework

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 11:45:48 EDT 2002 | fmonette

The current IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033 for moisture-sensitive devices does not include a bake cycle at 90C (it includes cycles at 40C and 125C for non-assembled components in reels or trays). However, the upcoming revision, which should be release

baking boards, revisited

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 04 11:34:42 EDT 2002 | Bob Willis

Some additional comments from a paper may be of interest. Baking Printed Circuit Boards - Why and How Baking printed boards prior to conventional and surface mount assembly should not be necessary. Often boards are baked for historical reasons; in

Floor life pcb assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 19:00:39 EDT 2008 | stevek

It depends on the laminate but a PWB is like any other MSL component. Some fab shops are only waranting standard FR4 laminates for 45-60 days when processed at lead free temperatures. The best thing I can say is to try some weight gain/loss experim

PCB & MSD Component baking oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 05:32:03 EST 2010 | libandara

Dear Graham, Thanks for the information. is there any way to control the humidity inside the oven..? At over 100 C. how the evaporated vapour from the component remove out from the oven..?

Re: Is baking PCB necessary before solder process?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 29 12:33:38 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

| Currently, we are baking any PCB before process on SMT, the 'reason' is to dry any possible humidity that could be inner the PCB, it does not matter if the PCB is multilayer or not. We bake PCB's at 107C for 4 hrs and the board must be process into

defects in pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 01 01:33:52 EST 2009 | isd_jwendell

Just my opinion: Top pic - Solder mask registration WAY too far off, without a doubt I would reject. Bottom pic - I would worry that there was/is a contamination that caused the poor looking mask. This may be cosmetic only, but unknown. I would rej

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