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Re: BGA ball missing.

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 30 16:36:31 EDT 1998 | Steve Gregory

Hi Kc! I went to Surface Mount International last week, and had a chance to see a way to reball BGA's that is very simple, and not expensive at all. I've seen the advertisements in a few magazines, but this was the first time I've seen it live. It's

CSM84 Ball Screw Lubrication

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 22:02:01 EDT 2009 | tpappano

The manual says (paraphrasing) "If the ball screw needs lubrication, lubricate the ball screw". Not very helpful 8-) The various linear guides all have grease fittings, but I can not find any for the ball screws. Any advice from CSM84 users woul

Fuji IP3 Head squealing

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 07:08:51 EST 2006 | cyber_wolf

We have had this happen. The Z-ball screws do go bad in IP3's. We replaced the ball screw and the problem went away. As mentioned improper belt tension will cause the servo to make loud noises. But if you say the movement is rough, then the ball scr

CSM84 Ball Screw Replacement

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 02:11:18 EST 2010 | tpappano

Hi All, I have recently acquired another CSM84VZ, which will soon need the Y-axis ball screw replaced. Would anyone happen to know the ball screw mfr. and series that would best fit this machine? Thanks, Tom

CSM84 Ball Screw Replacement

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 23:26:26 EST 2010 | jeffr

Philips (Yamaha) use a non standard NSK Ball screw and nut assembly. You should buy the genuine ball screw from your agent as the series of Ball screws used on these machines are the "NSK Super Precision series" which is not stocked by linear guide s

Fuji CP IV specs (ball screw)

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 00:22:53 EST 2007 | J. Pigott

I realize this is a bit off topic but looking at some of the discussion. I expect someone might be able to help. Looking at CP IV ball screws 120" and searched the world over for specs. Lead Outer Diameter TPI backlash resolution typical wear on c

FUJI CP3 Ball Screw

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 18 09:22:53 EDT 2011 | cyber_wolf

If it's an NSK screw try giving them a call. Have your calipers ready.

CP642 Ballscrew Replacement

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 10:01:57 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

Eagle eyes, unless you are having placing accuracy issues I would not replace the ball screw. I have heard brand new ball screws make noise. We have a CP6 that has a noisy screw from the factory.It has ran for years with no accuracy issues. Save yo

CP642 Ballscrew Replacement

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 24 10:26:52 EDT 2009 | cstech

I have a used CP642 ball screw - in good condition customerst@163.com

CSM84 Ball Screw Lubrication

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 02:53:09 EDT 2009 | meritajs

You could use SHELL ALVANIA GREASE EP2 or other vehicles solid greases

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