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soldermask color change around vias

Jun 7, 2019 | OK good if you get really close to the two small solder balls trapped in that greasy waxy residue an

Crystall on a PCB brakes under vibration

Nov 29, 2018 | Hi Evtimov, For BGA's you place 4 on each side right outside the edge balls and it pulls the case

CSP assembly compliance to IPC-A-610 minimum electrical clearance

Sep 12, 2018 | Hi, Is the IPC-A-610 applicable to CSP assemblies? Especially regarding the solder ball to solder

Samsung SM421

Dec 14, 2016 | No sorry, I havnt seen anything like that. What is the package size/ball size/ or the ball pitch?

Poor Wetting On The BGA.

Oct 20, 2016 |

Melted BGA part

Sep 15, 2016 | Remove,clean, re-ball(or use new part), reflow. Body of the part is designed to withstand heat that

BGA Reflow

Jun 13, 2011 | Had you check the temperature difference of outer balls and inner balls? Solder short in corners mig

BGA Reflow

Jun 9, 2011 | You might want to check the components as well, I've seen a similar problem with re-balled parts usi

QP 242

Mar 15, 2011 |

BGA solder bridge

Mar 4, 2011 | Hi ScottE "Is this ball sitting on a via?" I am not sure is I answered your question correct,

I want to learn about bga technology from a pick and place mache

Jul 15, 2010 | if the BGA has leaded balls use leaded paste if the BGA has lead free balls use lead free paste and


May 19, 2010 | HI Im new to this but i thought i would have a go at fixing my xbox 360 be re balling it,ive man

CP642 Ballscrew Replacement

Jun 24, 2009 | Eagle eyes, unless you are having placing accuracy issues I would not replace the ball screw. I h


Nov 23, 2008 | Hi, the easiest way to see if there is PB is to get blank paper and to rub the balls on the paper,

Humidity question

Oct 16, 2008 | We don't associate solder balls with no-clean flux and humidity. For solder balls with no-clean flux

BGA thermal reflowing issue

Sep 26, 2008 | Looks like lack of wetting. What is the BGA ball material? Could be high temp. Could be improper

ive solder profiles

Aug 12, 2008 |

BGA Detached off the board

Aug 11, 2008 | I assume you mean the balls of the BGA, not pads > (laugh it up guys - I said balls). If so, you

BGA Detached off the board

Aug 11, 2008 | I assume you mean the balls of the BGA, not pads (laugh it up guys - I said balls). If so, you may

micropad solder problem ?

Nov 3, 2007 | Flux exhaused or CSP never came to peak temperature * BGA balls don't combine with the solder => F

micropad solder problem ?

Nov 1, 2007 | CSP has pillow, the BGA's ball doesn't combination with the solder paste. also ,the 0402 chip aftet

Inspection Equipment

Nov 1, 2007 | We have the BGA100 tool. It has its uses. Its nice to see if the balls on a BGA have collapsed and r

Homeplate design

Jul 25, 2007 | Hi Lloyd, Homeplates will get rid of solder balling. They are only recommended "backwards" for 0

Reflow Profile Design

Jun 19, 2007 |

BGA opens / cracks

Jan 24, 2007 |

Copper migration

Dec 6, 2006 |

Local Fiducials

Oct 20, 2006 | mid chip solder balls we had that trouble for awhile we went from a 8 mil thick stencil to 6 mil st

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 25, 2006 |


Aug 17, 2006 | CBGA stands for Ceramic Ball grid array while PBGA stands for Ceramic Ball grid array. Noticable

BGA Reflow Issue

Apr 19, 2006 | So, your solder ball didn't collapse. What is the ball material? More and more BGA are shipped lea

BGA rework using Tacky Flux

Jan 16, 2006 | I can't see why it would be any different, You are melting the balls into reflow to the pad. In my

gold wire bonding

Dec 28, 2005 | I have lots of experience with thermosonic gold ball bonding. You can read the literature and you w

BGA Reballing

Dec 7, 2005 | You need a thicker mask/stencil, the openings should be .005" larger than ball diameter and the thi

BGA relow without solder paste?

Sep 20, 2005 | If the balls are eutectic (63/37) You shouldn't have any problems. All of our BGA rework is perform

Cold Solder

Jul 2, 2005 | Comments are: * A good looking solder ball does not necessarily mean that you have a good solder co

Cold Solder

Jul 2, 2005 | My customer feedback they found one board with cold solder on the BGA ball.I looked at the picture,t

BGA pad size

Jun 21, 2005 |

Bga question??

Jun 12, 2005 |


May 26, 2005 | This is caused by cte mis-match. The balls in the corners are short and fat. The balls near the nu


Apr 3, 2005 | In 2001, IVF evaluated the reliability of IBM CBGA and CCGA, i.e. packages with "hard" balls and col

Led tester

best reflow oven