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GSM2 Y-axis resonance

Apr 28, 2017 | i'd say its a ball nut. maybe it came loose or the balls are worn out. also, check timing belt! if r

PIHR... what do you think...?

Jun 10, 2014 | this is a Class II product. If I increase the openings... will I have random solder balls?

Incomplete reflow

Apr 5, 2014 | The middle picture shows what looks to be solder balls littered across the surface. Turn-up the heat


Jul 8, 2013 | The smaller ball "missing" from the lower left is from solder migrating down into the adjacent via.

Juki Laser Alignment

May 14, 2013 |

Void control

Oct 11, 2012 | Are the microvias in the BGA ball pads?

Soldering Specification Needed

Sep 23, 2011 | Put the ball in their court and ask them to send you what specifications they are inspecting to.

BGA pad size too large??

Sep 7, 2011 |

BGA Corner

Jun 10, 2011 |

BGA failure when chamber test

Mar 21, 2011 | If there was a ball in cup defect on the original assembly then it could behave like you explained.

BGA solder bridge

Feb 24, 2011 | HI I have this BGA short issue, I took x-ray image, the solder ball having big void. We suspect t

selective soldering/nitrogen

Jan 6, 2011 | Nitrogen increase surface tension in solder. This also reduces solder balls.

Reflow problem

Sep 14, 2010 | There is problem with the alignment of BGA Balls. Check for any vibration.

BGA Voids

May 19, 2010 | Hello, I'm having problems with voiding on an assembly that has a GPS hybrid with balls much like


May 19, 2010 | Try stencilquik. Works good on PCB surface, not sure about component for BGA balls?

BGA Solderability Issue

Dec 6, 2009 | Attached is the BGA BALL soldered underneath reflow profile , plz check and advice.


Nov 4, 2009 | It was 7 wt% according to the EDS spectrum at the EN layer near the ball-pad interface.

gpu removal

Sep 23, 2009 | larob57 Mike is not being a SA. The GPU in the XBox is packaged as a BGA [ball grid array].

Low Silver Solder Problems

Aug 25, 2009 | It sounds like the BGA balls are not melting. You're probably getting no collapse. Put a bare BGA on

Solder Splash

Jul 22, 2009 | Hi Russ/Dave/Allen, Is the solder splash and solder ball is came from the same root cause?

CP642 Ballscrew Replacement

Jun 24, 2009 | I have a used CP642 ball screw - in good condition

BGA voids

Apr 23, 2009 | 25% void (total pcba inspected is 15 boards, each board has 2 BGAs and each BGA has 64 balls).

Land Grid Array (LGA) Rework

Sep 11, 2008 | Depending on the assembly, I have applied balls on LGA's and reflowed them on using the rework hot a

ive solder profiles

Sep 2, 2008 | use the 2009MLF from Interflux it will take away your solder balls. this is a known issue.

BGA Installation with IR unsolder

May 22, 2008 | No, absolutely not. The BGA balls should collaps by theirselves. No external pressure should ever

0.5mm CSP Reliability

Apr 24, 2008 |

Component Pin 1 marking

Mar 4, 2008 | Available on the web, JEDEC PUBLICATION 95, DESIGN GUIDE 4.14, Ball Grid Array Package (BGA), Figure


Sep 6, 2007 | Can voids be carried over from original voids in solder balls during reflow?

BGA dropping off underside of board

Aug 13, 2007 | Would I be correct in assuming that the solder used to attach the BGA ball to the device body should

BGA dropping off underside of board

Aug 13, 2007 | I am building a double sided SMT board. On the first side I have a 405 ball BGA. When we build and r

Reflow Profile Design

Jun 15, 2007 |

BGA Tilt

Feb 12, 2007 | yup, current SAC has a lot of problem with large BGA balls. Just like Wayne explained earlier.

Lead free rework of BGA

Jan 17, 2007 | appears to be incomplete reflow on a couple of balls or they were moved during a cooldown. it also

BGA Repair Medium

Aug 24, 2006 | Paste flux exclusively, unless it is high temp ball Non reflowable), then paste is used. Russ


Aug 18, 2006 | PBGA is Plastic Ball Grid Array. Russ


Jul 29, 2006 | Ball Grid Array (BGA). A surface mount technology leadless package with the connectors to the board


Jul 29, 2006 | hi everyone what does ball grid array and pin grid array mean? thank

BGA reballing kit

Jan 25, 2006 |


Sep 7, 2005 | finest pitch requires ball bonding (gold) GS

Reflow Profile

Aug 22, 2005 | There's a lot of sources of solder balls. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for previous discussions.

Reflow Profile

Aug 22, 2005 | Sample Profile to avoid solder balls.

Rework units with parylene coating

Jun 8, 2005 | You will have to machine the part off down to the top of the balls. Wick solder off from individual

Non-wetting: PTH on double-side reflow

Apr 6, 2005 | Are you saying you have solder balls (as in solder paste balls) at the lead tips (or land tip)? Thi

fluid dispensing pumps for integration

Led testing color sensors