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Micro Solder Balls and Vias bridging Issue

Mar 3, 2015 | A couple of things that have helped me with solder ball issues at wave in the past: 1. Flux. In

BGA Resistor Array Separating from Balls

Jan 18, 2010 | Hello all, One of our resistor arrays is becoming detached from its balls after reflow. This is

Solder Ball and Splash after Hand Soldering

Jul 24, 2009 | Your customer is correct. You are doing something wrong in your hand soldering process. Solder balls

Micro Solder Balls in No Clean Selective Solder Process

Jan 9, 2008 | Matte solder mask greatly reduces the potential for solder balls, and since you altered the machine

90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls

Mar 26, 2007 | Dennis: Have you considered Asahi as a solder ball source? Asahi Technologies has helped produce ov

90/10 & Lead Free Solder Balls

Mar 23, 2007 | Does anyone know where to purchase 90/10 & Lead Free solder balls and kits for BGA Reballing? I'm h

DC-DC Converter with solder ball package

May 26, 2006 | Due to spacing issue, we are considering using power bricks with tin/lead solder ball instead of PTH

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