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BGA opens / cracks

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 22:48:59 EST 2007 | frank63

Hello, we are facing some troubles with BGA opens in our production. PCB are both side popolated with BGA. BGA is array of 26*26, with some 6*6 center balls. PCB has 2 reflow processes, 4 pcs of BGA on each side. Now we are partly observing opens

BGA opens / cracks

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 04 15:06:20 EST 2007 | Scotty

Profile should have a longer cool soak. Verify as was mentioned all pin/fixture support through out the entire process. Print, Place, pre reflow hand load, post reflow, carriers, ICT, Depanel and FCT. Conformal Coated or Potted? Mylars work well for

BGA opens / cracks

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 14:35:47 EST 2007 | ehess

FRank, are the BGA's in question a no-lead part? This usually results inthe paste flowing to make the electrical contact and not the ball, so I assume they could possibly crack easier than a leaded part. We have been receiveing almost all our BGA's

BGA opens / cracks

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 25 11:59:33 EST 2007 | stepheniii

Just make sure you keep the half done assemblies in dry storage or do the second reflow within the time dictated by the BGAs MSD rating level. Maybe this time you did the second side with a very short wait because you were anxious about the results

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 17:11:34 EST 2010 | woodsmt

Thanks Dave and Glenn, I have setteled on Dye for the destuctive checks, and was thinking about impedence testing at intervals during ESS. Based on the research I have been doing the last several days, this seems like a method that should identify

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 08:14:41 EST 2010 | scottp

It's OK to have the daisychain done in the interposer rather than the die (and a lot cheaper) but in thermal cycling the parts MUST have representative die. That's where a large part of the CTE mismatch comes from to cause fatigue damage. Thermal c

BGA opens / cracks

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 25 03:49:17 EST 2007 | frank63

Dear SMT community, thank you all for your comments and valuable hints. I am newcomer here and impressed about the feedbacks! We have made a new lot of 25 pcb with total 200pcs of (leaded) BGA, whith slightly higher temperature profiles ~210�C

Ferrite Core cracks

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 01 20:07:06 EDT 2021 | smith88

Is there a standard that gives criteria for cracks in Ferrite Cores? I have reviewed Jstd-oo1 G and IPC 610 G and do not see a specific reference to Ferrites. Thanks for your help

detecting BGA micro cracks

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 08 09:03:49 EST 2010 | woodsmt

Looking for methods for detecting BGA microcracks without cross sectioning. Currently evaluating a new package and will be putting together a thermal stress eval. We would like to perform intermediate inspections for cracks. Once all cycles are don

BGA opens / cracks

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 25 04:11:09 EST 2007 | aj

Tricky stuff. I would expect to hit between 210-215 peak temp on Lead process. What sort of profile are you using? I would imagine a good soak zone would be critical- I have never had BGAs on bottomside so cant really advise any further,i will be in

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