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Ag-plated LED dipping - high level of Cu and Ag

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 16:04:23 EDT 2001 | davef

First, responding to your question � Several things on copper dissolution in solder are: * A 50um copper wire will dissolve in 60Sn / 40Pb solder at: - 200�C solder in 55 seconds; - 250�C solder in 20 seconds; - 300�C solder in 5 seconds; - 350�C so

Can I replace this broken micro switch and solder the new one like this ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 06 16:46:39 EDT 2020 | emeto

If I was you, I would use solid copper wire and modify the new switch to have contacts same location and size as the old one. Then solder the same spot a s a full replacement.


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