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Evaporator for batch washer...

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 13 12:40:50 EST 2005 | jdumont

I spoke with my rep from Kyzen and he told me they have issues with the 4512 chemistry. I drained the 4512 out and put in our old "soap" and do not see any problems. That must have been it. Thanks for all your suggestions.

Granite Surface and ESD

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 22:26:10 EST 2005 | davef

Ken: Sprays like you suggest are hydroscopic soaps that should be avoided. If that was the choice, we'd rather go with Russ' ioniczer.

Tape and Reel services

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 11:17:01 EDT 1999 | Ben Wilmot

Looking for a uk based company to tape and reel smt filters (small batch job). Any contacts appreciated. Thanks Ben

IC Programming and taping

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 09:02:04 EDT 2003 | mario

Can anyone give me a telephone number or contact for a service shop for IC programming and taping for small batches such as qty of 2k to 10k prefer north-east location. I am located in Montreal.

SMTECH pro's and con's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 10 16:50:44 EDT 2001 | jeff

The "UP100 " is currently built by Speedline. However only the models UP100S (No Vision and manual adjust table ) and the UP 100MV (Vision and manual adjust table). These are batch printers not in-line. The IS model has been out of production for ab

Flux Designations and Composition

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 11:35:27 EDT 2004 | Pierre RICHARD

Here are some answers to my questions after a good research. I also added more definitions that could help understand this esoteric language used in assembly, specially surrounding fluxes and their use. In blue italics are comments and extracts from

Stencil cleanliness and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 15:37:32 EDT 2001 | Claude_Couture

Kerryn, It's the first time I hear someone who needs an automated inspection machine to check the cleanliness of stencils. Why not improve on the cleaning method itself. I use ultrasonic batch cleaner. It takes 3 minutes to clean a stencil, 2 minutes

SMT Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 10:57:10 EDT 1998 | John

Our company is currently looking to implement a SMT production line. What I am looking for is feedback on people's experiences with various machines. Here's what we are in the market for: Low/Mid volume 3,000+cph machine that can handle high job fle

solder balls and flux

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 29 10:14:02 EST 2000 | Robert Hartmann

My company is just getting into the flip chip packaging arena. We are putting in a prototype/small volume wire bond PBGA line. We have some questions with regard to choosing solder balls and cleaning of flux. 1) Is there a formula for the shrink

Re: Paste-in_hole and CTE

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 14:34:13 EDT 2000 | Gary Simbulan

Belive it or not, these boards were run through a Centech batch mode Vapor Phase machine. Single stage top side IR preheat. Vapor temp 218 C. Solder paste is an SN62 RMA.The boards were FR4 8 layer w/ solder mask, fairly conventional as might be e

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