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battery pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 28 14:25:33 EST 2007 | Bill

We have a board that uses a solder pad for one of the contacts of a button battery and had no problems when we were washing the boards. We are now using a no-clean flux and find that on a bunch of boards there is a coating of flux covering the pad s

9V battery

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 16:02:25 EDT 2002 | deejayedwards

Hey, Im not that good with electronics so im just asking: is there ANY WAY you could convert a 9V scource to a 12V scource. Like some kind of converter, or connecting 9V batteries together in some way? Sorry for the stupid question. Thanks in advan

battery pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 28 15:09:57 EST 2007 | Hussman

Some no-cleans will pool flux on the top of the solder joint which acts like an insulator. I normally do not paste "contact" pads. You can have your board house HASL them if you need the extra bump on the pad.

9V battery

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 16:46:45 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

There are never stupid questions - only stupid answers. More detail is needed to be helpful for your answer. Yes, there are ways it can be done - depending on the application, practicality and expense. What is it that you are trying to power with 1

Quad QSP2+ bios battery location?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 21:39:16 EDT 2023 | heinar

Hi, i not found bios battery...

charging battery with solar power?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 01 23:37:34 EST 2000 | Kel

If i hook a 5amp/12volt solar panel to a 6 volt lead acid battery, would it recharge it? is it as simple as hooking the two together? thanks,

Quad QSP2+ bios battery location?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 10:48:17 EDT 2023 | bobpan

It depends on the motherboard that you have. Some dont have a battery but have a Dallas BRam chip. Bob

Quad QSP2+ bios battery location?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 26 16:16:40 EDT 2023 | heinar

Thank you!

Test equipment for high current EV battery

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 20:21:00 EDT 2021 | jorgealvarado

does anyone know what equipment I can use to test high current EV batteries? We want to expand our testing capabilities and standardize all our battery testing. Looking for feedback from anyone who has used test equipment for electric vehicle batteri

mpm up2000 cmos battery low fix needed

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 03 03:19:37 EDT 2024 | ddfreeze

boots with cmos battery low message. I do not see a battery anywhere to replace. F1 utility does not seem to work. hard drive is good. do not have an A: boot disk

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