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Contract manufactuer in China

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 16:45:01 EDT 2003 | razor

Thank you. You beat me to it.

0402's and Gluing.............

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 16 17:32:49 EST 2005 | russ

Public Beating? Yes,Yes indeed. So Duckmann how is this little problem coming along? Russ

Defect reduction on RF design

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 04:53:13 EDT 2005 | Slaine

go beat the designer over the head until he separates the pads or uses solder mask.

Fiducial replacements?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 18 10:06:45 EST 2007 | Paul M.

Can't beat em, join em? hmmmmmmmmmm.......interesting. I'll cognitate on that.

Walkmen In Assembly Area

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 12 14:52:54 EST 2002 | dougt

How about someone on a drum like they used to have in the bowels of a ship to control the speed of the unfortinuate ones that were rowing. The beat could be increased to speed up production or slowed down to adjust for a bottleneck. We had a manage


Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 25 23:17:30 EDT 2006 | Bolos

anyone who can comment and win for me..I prefer a BGA but my designer needs to add 3 dollars for the boards ..how to beat this 3 dollars from manufacturing pooint of view?..with a 15K volume of boards..therefore i need to beat 45K$ ...hell[p[p[[[...

Dektec Soldering Gear

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 04:03:37 EDT 2005 | Base

Hey Rob, Glad there's more people in this world that are (finally) waking up to reality. 1) There's simply no point in trying to ignore/exclude an economy that will soon be larger than our own. 2a) If you can't beat them, join them (in

Re: World Class: Is it a philisophical question?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 11 13:43:16 EDT 2000 | sp

You could always try posting "The Beatings Will Commence Until Moral Improves" signs all over your production floor.

Beat rate

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 15:45:36 EST 2000 | jseagle

For a single board that takes 5 minutes to build on my machine, is it better to do it as a single board or a 4 up panalized board that will take 20 minutes to build? And why?

Re: Beat rate

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 14:20:32 EST 2000 | Rob Cass

Takes 5 minutes?? Does that include the 3 - 5 seconds for loading and fiducial inspection. If so it 12 - 20 seconds you will save with a panel. Depending on the panel you may be able to use just a board break fixture. Reduce handling when you can.

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