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Panasert mv2f floppy drive replacement

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 22 22:13:20 EDT 2020 | gabriel1blue

I got new belts for the original floppy drives and installed them but the machine was reset to Japanese and after changing it back to English the drives are not running or powering up even though we can measure that the 5 volts are coming into it. I

Panasert mv2f floppy drive replacement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 23 05:02:34 EDT 2020 | gabriel1blue

I change the settings to match another machine we have and that actually got the original drives working after replacing the belt. I ordered an adapter that will connect to the 26 pin flat cable and adapt to a 34 pin connector and pull the power from

memory module conveyor belt and stacker

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 21:01:40 EST 2021 | brianjones

We are looking at setting up a memory module conveyor belt with a stacker and de-stacker. I will need to handle DDR3 and DDR4 Long DIMM and SODIMM. I will be mounting an image camera under and over the modules. Looks like an edge conveyor would be be

Conveyor belt moves opposite direction

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 12 18:10:57 EDT 2019 | davef

Here's what we've done in the past. Depending on how it's configured, conveyors can run either forward or backward, but only in one direction at a time. The voltage polarity through the starter of the drive motor configures the direction. So, swappin

Conveyor belt moves opposite direction

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 21:45:33 EDT 2019 | aksaustin

If you look in the back of the panel there should be some type of VFD drive that controls the conveyor motor. You may be able to control rotation that way depending on the manufacturer. Should be able to google the VFD mfg and find a manual online,

MYDATA F-MOT-MOVE X/245 Motor drive inhibited

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 12 11:21:43 EDT 2018 | tech1

There are 2-X motors and numerous items that could be causing this: 1 of the X motors, 1 of the X transducers, 1 of the couplings connecting the motor and transducer, X Kevlar Belt. If you know how to go into the service portion of the software you

Hard drive fail, crash and constant click noise

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 11:55:30 EDT 2006 | crissy

Mi Hard drive crash on reflow oven Model: 1500SX serial N.: 0699D-23579 480V 60A ,any help please.

Hard drive fail, crash and constant click noise

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 08 16:49:41 EDT 2006 | darren

Chris Call Heller and get a new hard drive, then reload your software and start loading your recipes from your back up. That clicking noise, is it coming from inside the computer or the machine itself? Have you checked the power supply for the in th

inline smt 1m 2 stage conveyor belt

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 03:56:18 EST 2022 | cbeneat

Is the wheel that drives the belt in alignment? I assume all the bearings are turning. We've had bearings in the past be on the edge of seizing in our end pulley's. Tightening too much could cause it to turn harder, causing the belt to jump off. Coul

How to import pick and place file (generated using Altium) from USB drive in to TPSYS?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 07 13:58:01 EDT 2014 | patel_daxa29

Hi All, I have generated Pick and place file from ALtium designer.I put it on flash drive and it is plugged in MY-DATA. How do i access this file in TPSYS. I will appreciate any insight. Thank You

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