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Shop Rates for EMS Services

Jan 15, 2019 | Does anyone know of a recent benchmark of EMS service sales price services on the major assembly mar

First time Pick and Place Machine

Jul 18, 2017 | SM482 has 6 heads and can place parts from 0603 metric (0201 inch) to 55x55 mm with ISO benchmark 28

Gerber file of Heraeus Benchmarker II

Feb 6, 2013 | I doubt anyone will send you the gerbers for the Benchmarker board. Here are my notes on the board:

Gerber file of Heraeus Benchmarker II

Feb 6, 2013 | Can anyone send me gerber file of Heraeus Benchmarker II board? Thanks!

Where can I get a Benchmarker II test board?

May 30, 2012 | I'm trying to get s some Benchmarker II test boards. I called Heraeus (610-825-6050), but they could

benchmark circuits

Mar 16, 2012 |

benchmark circuits

Mar 15, 2012 | Hi... i want to know what is benchmark circuits and where it is used??

Thru-hole placements

Feb 11, 2010 |

Stencil Printer?

Dec 1, 2009 | Have you considered a refurbished SMTech Benchmark printer from SigmaPrint?

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Jun 26, 2009 |

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Jun 3, 2009 | Is it ok to have your contact details? We are benchmarking Universal Genesis and Assembleon Topaz. T

RoHS Calculation

Oct 12, 2007 |

Lead Free Solder Sn(99%)/Ag(0.3%)/Cu(0.7%)

Apr 30, 2007 | Is there any benchmarking / report available on the industry regarding to the application of leadfre

First Pass Yields

Nov 9, 2006 | I would trust that you are benchmarking some design rules as well? Yield is directly related to des

First Pass Yields

Nov 9, 2006 | Our SQE's want to benchmark the first pass yield requirements that we place on our CM's - currently

juki comments

Jan 5, 2006 |

Benchmarking ppm

Nov 3, 2005 |

Benchmarking ppm

Nov 3, 2005 |

Benchmarker II solder paste evaluation coupon

Oct 20, 2005 | Can someone tell me where I can get the Benchmarker II coupon for solder paste evaluation.

BGA Engineer Rates

May 19, 2005 | Hello. I am an HR Manager looking to benchmark pay rates for engineers in the Midwest with experien

SMT Facility Benchmarking

Sep 27, 2004 | Our low volume, high mix SMT operation is looking to benchmark with others. Our benchmarking sur

Benchmarking SMT Houses

Sep 22, 2004 |

Advise on Semi Auto Cut and Clinch machines

Dec 17, 2003 | The 400 is probably the benchmark for semi auto through hole, I would recomend this machine regardle

Machine profiling and product profiling

Jan 24, 2003 | ECD has a product called the OverRIDER for benchmarking and trending oven performance.

Cost estimating for benchmarking

Nov 26, 2002 | Another source of kind of "benchmarked" cost information is: Charles-Henri Mangin Ceeris Internati

Yield levels

Jul 18, 2002 |

Yield levels

Jul 17, 2002 | I am working to improve the yield on a SMT line and am trying to find out a benchmark figure, anyone

Heraeus Benchmarker experiences?

May 8, 2002 | I have used the benchmarker for solderpaste evaluations, and had very good results. Best results I

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