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castellated lead aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 25 21:33:24 EDT 2007 | hussman

Castellated is the easiest lead design. Anything longer than the out side dimension of the part should be OK. However, you will never get an inspection person to say it looks OK, yet the solder joint occurs on the bottom side of the part - like a B

stencil thickness for bga

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 13 19:04:47 EDT 2003 | davef

Aperture size should vary with the component [pitch]. That size should be the same a the pad size. So, generally pinching is not required. Indium discusses BGA apertures on their site [ http://www.indium.com ]

mirco bga stencil opening

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 10:45:29 EDT 2002 | pbarton

We have used a laser cut stencil 0.15mm (0.006") thick with 0.3mm (0.012") square apertures radiused in the corners 0.06mm (0.0025") to aid paste release. This approach with the (type 3) paste we use has proven successful on thousands of devices plac

0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 22:29:58 EDT 2008 | davef

For most applications, a nice square [or rectangle] pad works just fine. Assemblers ship boat loads of boards with these every day. It's reasonable for tight decoupling capacitor requirement applications to use round or radiused pads for components

0402 pad and stencil aperture design

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 15:07:40 EDT 2008 | jemills

Hello I have a new 0402 pad design on a recent board were building in future. On closer look i thought the pad was a thru hole mount , but upon closer inspection the round pads are for 0402 comps. I had a discussion with the engineer and he said

Help for soldering mirco bga

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 08:44:05 EDT 2002 | apg

Dear colleagues. I ask you to prompt me about necessity of drawing pastes through a stensil at the soldering micro BGA with step between leeds 1 mm and 0,8 mm or uses only a flux for this purpose. And what most suitable paste for the soldering of su

Stencil design question.(BGA Apertures)

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 04 11:51:44 EDT 2006 | dougs

10mil square apertures should be ok with your 4mil stencil.

BGA Aperture

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 20 07:09:59 EDT 2007 | aj

Hi All, Just a quick question in relation to BGA Stencil Aperture Design - We currently use 1:1 ratio - are there any rules or benefits from over printing the PCB Pad ? Replies appreciated. aj...

BGA Square Aperture Formula

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 03 13:02:19 EDT 2023 | fuji_user_2014

There are some "rule of thumb" design approaches for circle apertures for BGA's. Does anyone use rule of thumb formulas for square/squircle apertures for BGA? If so, what are they?

Stencil design question.(BGA Apertures)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 03 09:58:49 EDT 2006 | PWH

Sounds a little like 2" O.D. pipe with 1" wall thickness.

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