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bga warp

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 11 23:20:44 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

Profiles are absolutely the first course of action to validate. A few additional questions would be: * Moisture can cause warping as well, verify the manufacturers recommended handling procedures were followed. * Where is the suspect BGA located

mirco bga stencil opening

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 02 15:08:37 EDT 2002 | Eric

See Fiske first line. I'd bet You are bending or catching the assembly in the ICT. How many probes at 8OZ each? do you use on that ICT? 800 probes = 400lbs. See "Flexure induced failure of BGA solder joints" by Compaq Houston TX

cost effective bga remove

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 09:22:40 EST 2004 | Tobias

Hello, i'm searching for a way to remove bga's easy and cost effective. It doesn't matter if the PCB or adjacent assemblies are damaged. Thanks!

underfilling of bga

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 08:20:10 EDT 2009 | Mity C

Good Morning, We are underfilling some of our BGA's. This is a specified customer requirement. The material we are using is Emerson & Cuming E-1216 (also specified by the customer) The material was selected because of a close CTE match with the PCB.

large bga (55mmx44mm) capable placement machines?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 10 09:00:40 EDT 2004 | rlackey

Hi, It should get you at least a 1997 machine, but the age isn't as critical as the UPS level - you want at least 3.2.3. They are good machines & are well built, and at least comparable with any other second user machines (although not in the Fuji/

Double sided BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 20:22:16 EST 2000 | Sam Guilaume

We have run some experiments on double side BGA assembly. Our preliminary results show that complete overlap of top and bottom BGA's indicate fair results, even after reliabiltiy tests (vibrations, temperature cycles, HALT). I will be interested to h

BGA assembly and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 07 03:57:39 EDT 2000 | Steven Cheung

Does anyone know of a freely-available document which discusses the main considerations of BGA assembly and inspection (x-ray?). l need to know about pad sizes and inspection standards and when to underfill and when not to etc.. l am looking at ass

Double sided BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 13 03:41:30 EDT 2009 | robhs

At risk of raising a topic that has already been discussed at length, if that is the case then please point me in the right direction. We have a Lead-Free assembly that has BGA devices on both sides of the board. Any recommendations as to how we mig

BGA assembly and inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 17:16:22 EDT 2001 | kward

Try IPC-7095. It is not free , but discusses in-depth Design and Assembly Process implementation for BGAs. Website is ipc.org

Double sided BGA assembly

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 17 19:37:25 EDT 2009 | hegemon

And of course the obvious, you'll want to be running that second side on the rail, and not the belt. Yeah, yeah, too obvious, I know... but don't say no one said so! 'Hege

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