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solder balls

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 20 17:09:10 EDT 2001 | davef

Circuits Assembly magazine 09/99 "Defluxing with Ultrasonics" by Les Hymes. [There's more but I can't find it right now. I'll add to this as I find the junk, er very nice stuff.] J-STD-001C states that its OK to use ultrasonics for cleaning so lon

Solder balls on Ceramic

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 17:09:43 EDT 2011 | Mark

I would suggest doing an aperture reduction on your stencil or move to a thiner stencil.Please check that your housekeeping related to stencil cleaning is monitored.

I want to learn about bga technology from a pick and place mache

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 16:03:25 EDT 2010 | malcolmlanders

I seemed to have learned that on the bga chip that the soider is the soider balls on the chip. If this is true how do you get the chip to not move on the board when being inspected bdfore you soider it. and even in the transport of the board to the o

Losing balls on BGA's after second side reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 21 08:01:38 EDT 2010 | jm

Hello, need some help if anyone has any insight on this issue. Ran first side and ex-ray indicates BGA parts look normal. Ran the second side and now the BGA balls on first side appear to have broken free and moved under part. This board has BGA's

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 14:34:38 EDT 2012 | kahrpr

If the balls are lead free you need to be running a lead free profile on the oven even if you are running leaded paste.

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 25 23:01:45 EDT 2012 | ssridhar

Hello jdumont, I think the spheres are leaning as there is not enough meat under the spheres. In ceramic BGA devices there is a solder fillet which is generally a solder paste which is used to give the device some height before balling it. This heig

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 14:12:49 EDT 2012 | hegemon

I saw a similar problem a couple years ago. In our case the issue was the original manufacture of the devices. The high temp spheres were misaligned from the beginning, and subjecting these parts to SMT reflow made the problem worse, and created is

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 18:40:03 EDT 2012 | jdumont

Interesting Hege, however we xray 100% of these parts during our assembled PCB test process so I have to think this would have been caught seeing as this is not confined to one batch/year/upper level assy (same BGA, slightly different PCBs). That be

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 19:55:46 EDT 2012 | hegemon

If you are doing X-Ray post place and pre-reflow you should be good. Look elsewhere. Check profile - full lead free or hybrid? Be sure you are acheiving the required reflow temps and TAL required for the solder paste too. Check for belt movement

Ceramic BGA Balls Move Post Assy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 08:33:31 EDT 2012 | jdumont

Wondering if anyone has ever run across this in their travels. We have gotten a few field returns back in recent months and it appears that many of the balls of the PPC440 CPU BGA (ceramic) have shifted. I know we Xray this part 100% during assy so

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