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BGA epoxy removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 04:56:35 EST 2015 | slave2anubis


BGA epoxy removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 10:33:01 EST 2015 | emeto

Take a look at articles that explain underfill process and how to remove/rework underfill: http://www.finetechusa.com/rework/applications/underfill-rework.html http://www.circuitnet.com/experts/86535.shtml

BGA epoxy removal

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 13:29:36 EST 2015 | swiese242

Use the appropriate heat for that part. You can then use techspray flux remover with a brush. Spray the brush, and not the board, to reduce spreading the flux. Acetone or alcohol are less expensive and may work as well.

BGA epoxy removal

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 24 22:03:39 EDT 2015 | davef

Here's some notes from IPC APEX 2015: * Black underfill is Heraeus. It needs to be preheated to 180-200*C for rework. Above 200*C it changes state and becomes difficult. * Clear underfill is from an unknown Korean supplier. * People from Heraeus w

BGA epoxy removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 25 03:27:13 EDT 2015 | slave2anubis

Hi davef, thank you for sharing this. Yes all manufacturers recommend their products, and i dont deny that they are good but for a small shop like i have i think the prices are a bit high. What i think would be a good technique, is heating the area t

BGA epoxy removal

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 22 15:46:09 EST 2015 | slave2anubis

Hi, my name is Dacian, and i run a mobile phone repair shop in Timisoara, Romania. Lately we decided to do more advance motherboard repair jobs, and a big problem that we have is, cleaning the board after we remove the chips. We repair manly iPhone,

underfilling of bga

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 08:59:41 EDT 2009 | ozgurv

Dear All, Does anyone on the forum have experience with underfilling process of bga? We have a component with 0.5mm bga on one of the new products. Customer wants this component to have an underfill. Questions - 1) which kind of epoxy or chemica

underfilling of bga

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 14 18:42:41 EDT 2009 | anndi

1smtdude, I interested in your explaination of > re-work an underfill part. You mention the > material can be heated to a plastic state to > become vicious... do you know usually what range > is the temperate? (guess it can depend on the > type

BGA chip corner epoxy / adhesive?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 21:59:37 EST 2006 | SMTrework

Hello, we rework BGA packages that come back from the field. I've seen on occasion a black and or red "epoxy" substance from the manufacturer on the corner of some board's BGA chips that I imagine are applied to increase corner bond of the chip to th

BGA chip corner epoxy / adhesive?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 12:18:28 EST 2006 | realchunks

It may be for a double sided reflow process. Yes, some people do put the BGA on first. I know this first hand.

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