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BGA Assembly Misalignment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 00:01:43 EDT 2001 | philipreyes

Hi to all!! For those who have current process of Placing BGA package (SMT using BGA package), do you have any idea what is the acceptable misalignment of the balls on the pads of PCB? I have here with me the IPC 7095 BGA Assembly and Design but

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 17 23:31:12 EDT 2005 | kenscj

Hi all, currently, we are seeing BGA problem like solder ball misalign, void, solder short (all under BGA, tested with 5DX), after reflow. We examine the solder ball (raw material of BGA), and see that the ball surface is not smooth, will that affe

BGA Assembly Misalignment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 17:21:43 EDT 2001 | davef

BGA require placement accuracy of only 0.3mm (�12 thou), compared with a required placement accuracy of 0.08mm (�3 thou) for fine pitch devices. Even with this level of misalignment, plastic BGA self-center / self-correct during reflow due to symmetr

BGA Assembly Misalignment

Electronics Forum | Sat May 26 05:11:43 EDT 2001 | Brian Sloth Bentzen

Dear Philip. BGA�s are very forgiven components when it comes to misplacement. In my experience, 1.27 mm ball pitch BGA�s, can be misplaces by up to 50% of the solder pad. They can easily be placed using only backlighted vision. It will however be a

Reflow problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 10 17:18:10 EDT 2010 | spitkis2

They may be misaligned so much so that self centering would not occur. How are you placing the micro BGA's? Depending on how the boards are transported onto the oven's conveyer, by the time they start to go through the oven, there could be additio

BGA Device with Slanted and Damaged Spheres

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 19:31:26 EST 2004 | Thomas Denison

We have a ceramic BGA that the component supplier has misaligned the spheres in the fixture so they slant .007" out of alignment from the substrate pads. When the devices are tested at the component manufacturer this alignment issue also causes the

Tantalum caps causing misaligned parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 09:49:33 EST 2003 | davef

Different vendor for: * Tants * BGA BGA correct?

Tantalum caps causing misaligned parts

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 21 09:08:53 EST 2003 | mantis

Hi all, I have a strange problem,while building a large 15x15inch 3.5mm thick Pcb.During topside reflow i am experiencing some misaligned parts and even bridging on a bga that are sitting very close to a D size tantalum cap.The strange thing is that

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 18 08:03:58 EDT 2005 | davef

kenscj: Responding to your points of interest: * On the smoothness of BGA solder balls causing solder ball misalign, void, solder short after reflow: We expect the solder balls to be smooth and have no sharp irregularities. We can't recall attribut

Regarding BGA Pad Lifting

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 01 02:10:05 EST 2017 | soldertraining

Hi! I am Bob and pls forgive me if technical words I use are wrong. What may cause the BGA solder pad lift before or after reball? I am having problems where solder pad lifted during removal of bad solder ball. It also occurred during reball, where t

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