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Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 13:08:43 EDT 2006 | acabral

Another resource for BGA Rework is VJ Electronix, they manufacture SRT Rework systems.

BGA Rework Station - Profiler

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 12:03:35 EDT 2007 | ed_faranda

I've been looking into BGA rework stations. I have narrowed it down to two: Summit 750 by VJ Electronix APR-5000-XLS by OK International They both have easy to use profiling and have a good robustness as far as maintaining your profile.

Used X-ray is hunted! VJ-1000 is good candiate

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 20:32:39 EDT 2002 | YH Shiau

We look for a real-time X-ray machine with 90~100KV power to do the BGA/ FCCSP assmebly inspection. The key role for this x-ray will be defined as process control tool and PCBA level FA. VJ-1000 from VJ Electrnix is kind suitable for our needs. D

SRT Sierra Summit 1000/1100 BGA rework system manual

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 21 07:42:51 EDT 2003 | pjc

contact vj electronix at 1-978-425-9446 dnaugler@ vjt.com or tleahy@ vjt.com www.vjt.com

BGA -X-Ray Services

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 10:58:28 EDT 2001 | Chris Cherry

We can perform testing on any size of boards or components and offer many different levels of service. We can provide full analysis and interpretation on a same day basis, or some people may choose to rent a lab for a period of time for extended pro

BGA solder joint VS. X-Ray machine capability

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 11:05:43 EST 2001 | vbutani

You can get systems at various performance levels depending on your budget. The low cost systems are a great way to start off and then you can upgrade to a higher performance unit when you move to finer pitch components. Check out the VJ-1000LP at h

BGA: reworking BGAs, testing and inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 12 11:45:14 EST 2010 | ppcbs

Greetings, > > We are looking to purchase > equipment to rework / repair our circuit boards > with BGAs. Our newer boards are starting to have > more and more BGAs. > > Is there any information > that "ranks" BGA rework stations? - a kind of a

SMT and BGA Rework Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 03:04:07 EDT 2006 | PP

Any help/suggestion is much appreciated I am doing lots of BGA Reworks from a small uBGA with a few balls to a large BGA with over 1500 balls. The reworks have been done on SRT 1100 Series Machine for many years. SRT 1100 Machine is good for the c

I'm in the market for a HIGH end BGA rework machine, any recommendations?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 09:47:02 EST 2018 | dleeper

I've used VJ Electronics Summit series of rework machine. I liked the programing interface. You can used canned scripts for basic removal/replacement processes or you edit/write your own if you want a customized work flow. The machines are very ope

Re: X-Ray for CSP devices

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 20 09:59:22 EDT 1999 | Vikram Butani

Hi Steve, What Earl says is true. You need a stand alone failure analysis/process verification system before you go inline. No matter what brand you choose, it is important to compare a few features, across the board: - X-ray source kV, mA, and f


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