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BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 08:55:28 EDT 2002 | russ

okay, so how does the DRS remove voids from BGAs?

Standard for BGA void

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 14:44:58 EDT 2002 | mzaboogie

Hi Ben, IPC610 has a pass/fail of 25% of ball volume. Hope this helps

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 30 09:00:26 EDT 2002 | arcandspark

Russ, I have been reworking BGA's for over five years now and have never been able to remove voids in the solder balls without removing the BGA itself. Your thermal profile can also cause the voids along with a poor solder paste. I have experimented

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 17:44:46 EDT 2002 | alj

I guess you don't use one. Call them and I'm sure they will solve your problems and teach you a little bit about BGA rework profiling... CHEERS!

Standard for BGA void

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 09:09:54 EDT 2002 | Ben

thanks for ur help. i would also like to know the classes is for showing different level of requirement, or for different vertical location of void in joint. coz I heard from my workmate that the range from 9% to 36% is for void at different vertical

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 08 09:51:10 EDT 2002 | larryk

Russ, I use the R562, it has a longer tack time then the Hm531 and have found no problems with voiding on my BGAs. You may want to evaluate this formula also Larry

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 08 18:54:04 EDT 2002 | BobbyB

Hey Russell. The boys at Air-Vac Engineering can help you solve your problem. Are you using an DRS system. If not, you are probably out of luck and should scrap the boards. Cheers!

Standard for BGA void

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 03:52:38 EDT 2002 | Ben

I'm doing lead-free SMT of BGA with 450 micron ball. I found there are lots of voids under xray, there are around 2-3 voids in every balls. It is around 10% of volume ratio. I would like to ask if anyone know there is any standard of acceptable maxim

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 07 09:05:41 EDT 2002 | russ

thnaks everyone for the the input. I have been noticing that a lot of comments are referring to 230 deg. C and such. has something changed in the industry lately? It has been to my knowledge previously to peak the reflow at 215 or so. I have many B

BGA void removal

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 27 15:30:28 EDT 2002 | russ

greetings all Does anybody have any methods or recomendations for removing/reducing excessive voiding in BGAs that are already on board? Had a bad lot of paste and I believe that we are seeing some opens due to very large voids. Any and all input

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