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rework of bgas and csps

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 19:32:05 EST 1999 | Martin Dunning

I am a student doing a project on rework os BGAS and CSPS and Im looking for information on it especially rework of csps Has anyone got x-ray images of csps after rework or of BGAS to show csps with solder balls Appreciate any help Urgent!!!!

re-balled BGAs

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 21 11:46:02 EDT 1999 | David Steele

Would like to know if anyone has determined, through testing, the long term reliability of re-balled BGAs.

Voiding In BGAs

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 04 11:17:54 EST 2008 | ed_faranda

Anyone have any advise on reduing voiding in BGAs using a SAC305 solder paste?

Re Reflowing boards with Bgas? Do we need to bake before?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 13 08:59:29 EST 2006 | james

We built some boards with incorrect Bgas and we had to pull the bad ones off. I need to know if we need to bake the boards before we add the correct BGAs on and resend through the reflow? We need to get these boards shipped asap after we install th

Keepout requirements for BGAs

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 22 17:39:12 EST 1999 | chang hong lin

Does anybody have information on the minimum spacing required between BGAs (i/o counts close to 696)to avoid damage during rework? Also, on the keep out requirements between CSPs (o.5 mm pitch); between CSPs and BGAs. thanks in advance for your hel

BGA testing - Xray

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 16:43:23 EDT 2005 | jam

We are starting to use high count BGAs (512). Is there an industry standard on how to inspect the BGAs. Should all BGAs be inspected with Xray equipment or is there other solutions? Thank you

BGA,s Storage

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 07 08:06:29 EST 2001 | hany_khoga

Dear All : 1- We assemble mixed technology boards. For some reasons, sometimes we store them semi assembled (only SMT). Knowing that they have plastic BGA,s , can the wave solder m/c affect or damage those BGA,S on continuation their production?

Reflow PBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 26 11:44:06 EDT 2002 | jseagle

Steve, We do not currently run BGAs, but I have been told by a CM we use that does BGAs, that our Heller 1500 (5 zone) oven has an insufficient number of zones to properly reflow a BGA. Anyone else have an opinion about this it would be appreciated

BGA location

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 12:50:01 EST 2003 | rdr

Does anyone know of any standards that deal with the physical location of BGAs on a PCBA? I am looking for something that states to not put BGAs in the center Axis of assemblies for bow and twist reasons. We have always informed customers to locate

Double sided BGAs

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 23 08:58:00 EDT 2005 | Irene Taylor

We are defining a new assembly process for a double sided card that has 26 BGAs on the top side and 14 BGAs on the bottom side. We currently have one double sided BGA board with one BGA per side and have to epoxy one BGA (35mm X 35mm - 352 ball count

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