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Reflow profile negative temp ramp rates

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 11:26:34 EDT 2002 | johnw

Dave, I sand corrected since I know you wouldn't steer me wrong...although the lst time I looked at the IPC spec for a solder profiel it was still designed for older generations of paste and were specifically water wash biased although that doesn't c

Board Profiling

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 19 08:14:27 EDT 2002 | johnw

The world of the CM isn't alway's a happy one and the problem is that some one else is alway's paying your wages, that soemone else beign the customer so you really have to do what they say. The board profilign one is a constant one round our place a

Re: Clean before conformal coating?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 20:16:02 EST 2001 | Mike Konrad

Hi Cory, As a manufacturer of aqueous cleaning systems, my advise is somewhat biased, however I believe it to be accurate. We have hundreds of customers who have implemented no-clean programs. The programs have been successful when measuring the r

B.I.C. SMT Process Controls

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 09 12:53:59 EDT 2001 | seand

Hello everyone, First when defining any criteria for process control, one should identify quantiatively that criteria. Then one establishes an effective method for measuring such a criteria. Once you have a test method, your gateway to a solving y

25 mil QFP soldering issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 18:07:04 EDT 2004 | dwanzek

This has been a tough one to date. Any ideas will help. Problem definition � random QFP144 part not soldering all leads. Percentage fallout is about 1-5% of boards. Usually leads, one or more, on trailing side to the direction of travel does not wet


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