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Contract manufacturing Question

Electronics Forum | Fri May 30 17:55:34 EDT 2003 | davef

Two words: competitive bidding

competeing with CEI of Singaphore?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 12 20:23:09 EDT 2005 | mrduckmann2000

PR, Your customer will be lucky if CEI even bids the low volume work. They are only interested in high volume production runs. Also look out for counterfit parts, they are using them by the handfuls....China is no beter! If you have alot too buil

Need camera for MPM AP-20

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 01 14:45:34 EST 2005 | pdeuel

We are still interested. Cost is a big factor. Our management and engneers will concider all sources and should be responding for quotes and probably will make bids accordingly. Thanks for your responses and you should be hearing from us.

Need Help With Selecting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 09 23:15:10 EDT 2006 | greatexpectations

Cmiller: Here's more info, board 1 top and bottom side combined is 75 shots board 2 is 206 shots assuming 10k board each output Fastek: Any recommendations? I would like to get some other competitive bids, etc.

Ceramic PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 07 16:33:25 EDT 2008 | swag

I don't know what happened with this - I was trying to help bid and proposal come up with a potential supplier for the quoting process. I don't know if we got the job or not... Thanks-

Lokking for help automating test stand

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 08 12:42:31 EDT 2012 | cobham1

We are trying to automate how we test one of our products. I have a bid from a great company but need to have another in order to push the project along. Can someone recommed a few people who would be able to do this.

Looking a for Mydata TP-11

Electronics Forum | Tue May 21 09:13:23 EDT 2013 | davef

Senor Tech: Used equipment resellers that support SMTnet are: * IBE SMT * Precision Placement Machines * Capital Equipment Exchange * Robo-Tek * Xline Assets * GoDove * Adopt SMT * JMW Inc * Baja Bid BR, davef

Best Peelable Masks for Wave Solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 05 16:38:01 EDT 2013 | action_101

Tech Spray (part # - Wondermask P 2211) - http://www.techspray.com/product-info.php?pId=69&bId=23 Chemtronics (part # - CNA8) - http://www.chemtronics.com/products/product.asp?id=502

Does anyone knows a European Auction company for SMT equipment?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 20:30:46 EDT 2014 | davef

Dovebid, XLine and Baja Bid support SMTnet and hold international auction, sales and consignments.

bought Quad QSA30, need manual

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 15 22:21:31 EDT 2020 | jmelson

I just won the bidding for a Quad QSA 30A P&P machine. Does anyone know where I can download the operator's manual, so I can start getting familiar with it? Thanks, Jon

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