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SonoFlux 9500

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 11:33:44 EDT 2006 | bill

I have inherited a SonoFlux 9500 spray fluxer. It appears to have never been used and was build in 1999. It is missing the nozzle and a couple of other parts. Would it be worth it to get this thing up and running to replace a foam fluxer? Does an

Conveyors and bar code

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:59:32 EDT 2006 | bill

I�ve been lurking on the forum for a while so I will take a stab at this, mainly because there is no answer I take it that you have a variety of boards being produced at the same time and are in fixtures so the conveyors don�t need to be adjusted, a

Re: BGA rework station and x-ray inspector

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 13:57:03 EDT 1998 | bill

| | We need BGA rework station and x-ray inspector recently in urget case, Do you have any information to rework FPGA package and inspect them during processing. | Thx for any information | Best Regards, | Stoney Tsai If you are doing any reballing

Panasonic CM202DS/CM402L vs. Assemblion Topaz & ACM

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 12:47:42 EDT 2003 | bill

We utilize 2 topaz x in-line Service and suport are the best Machines are rock solid


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 20:02:33 EST 2005 | bill

need training on basic programming for this machine. We're you base at?


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 09 11:15:10 EST 2006 | bill

I'm new on this, what's the standard rate for each placement on passive and active components and how to rate labor cost per hour. thanks in advance

TCE mismatch

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 18:40:39 EST 2007 | bill

What is an acceptable mismatch for smt components and pcb. We are having cracked solder joints from fatigue after repeated thermal cycling 25 deg. c to 125 deg.c.

Re: Gold contamination in solder joints?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 26 20:04:31 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Wolfgang: I think that we were answering different questions. * I thought Bill wanted to talk about minimizing the amount of gold in the solder connection that is available to make intermetallics * You were talking about the formation of intermeta

Mydata Line Scan

Electronics Forum | Thu May 13 14:07:59 EDT 2004 | pjc

Yep, figured that. Just thought I'd ask the question anyway. That is the issue, all the parts they send to troubleshoot will be billed. A field service engineer on the other hand can request all the parts and you'll only be billed for what fixed the

Acceptable standards

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 14:29:16 EDT 2005 | PeteP

An elusive cause can be Bill of Material Quantity errors vs. actual placements. Check the programs to the Bills and designators on the BOM to Qty. if the postings above do not net results.

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