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Billboarding 0603 resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 04:08:50 EST 2002 | wbu

Never heard of billboarding. Could you please explain what that means according to 0603�s. Headshaking Wolfgang

Billboarding 0603 resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 08:30:28 EST 2002 | jax

Wolfgang, Billboarding is kinda like a tombstone. The part is just sitting on it's side instead of on it's end. There should be plenty of info on this in the archives under billboard and tombstone. Most likely cause is off center placement and ov

Billboarding 0603 resistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 11:49:42 EST 2002 | stimpman

Hi, Have you checked your placements pre-reflow? The most typical cause of a billboard unlike tombstoning is a pick and place issue. Billboarding will usually happen with ( profile/bad pad layout and the most common just poor center placement. I'v

Billboarding 0603 resistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 12:40:37 EST 2002 | MarkQ

I have some billboarding 0603's and I'm trying to find potential causes. Small boards 2"X 3". .060"thk Hasl surface.

Billboarding 0603 resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 22:18:06 EST 2002 | mantis

Yep i agree most likely misplacment or reflow, maybe check your air flow around the liquidous zones(if convection oven) probably too low.

Billboarding 0603 resistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 15:13:29 EST 2002 | rkevin

Check the pick position of the component from the feeder, the feeder advancement speed, the type of feeder tape, static interference, and the cavity tolerance or slope of the carrier tape.

splice tape will join carrier tape without shutting off machine

Electronics Forum | Thu May 22 16:13:12 EDT 2003 | bpan

what the hell kinda question is that???? Go place your ads on a billboard. I'm out

Tombstone caused by flux residue

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 18:03:27 EDT 2005 | russ

Sarag, FYI tombstoning is a functional failure. Tombstoning is where one end of the component is not soldered and is in the air above the board/solderjoint surface. You may be thinking of billboarding (part on its side with both ends soldered down)

Flux activity with SAC305

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 11:14:48 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

On chips, none - 1:1. Those are 1206 chips, either .010 or .015" between them. I've never seen one bridge. Some *rare* billboarding. That's it. *shrug* These QFNs, tho....

Fuji CP6 Issues, Questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 14:45:45 EDT 2007 | shrek

Well, whether your parents like it or not, I am an ogre! And guess what, princess Mika? That's not about to change. Princess Mika, all joking aside, the parts placed by my CP6 are billboarded, skewed, and mismounted in the lower left corner of th

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