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Quick Tool on CP6

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 12:59:06 EDT 2018 | cyber_wolf

Is there anyone out there using a quick tool module on their CP6 ?

0201 on CP43

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 17 08:29:34 EDT 2008 | mulder0990

I couldn't see that it would be pratical at all. The older CP-6 machines need a camera upgrade to even place view the parts and you need a pristine CP6 feeder to run the part. If you do plan on trying, I wish you the best of luck.

Quick Tool on CP6

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 10:42:30 EDT 2018 | cyber_wolf

We are using the quick tool and have some issues. It appears that we are the only ones on the forum that use it with CP6's.

Quick Tool on CP6

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 10:30:18 EDT 2018 | robl

We had a play with a Grid-Lok type system about 20 years ago, but bottled it when we came to the CP6 as it didn't feel a good idea to add that much weight to the moving table. Are you looking at ezload? I've seen them running OK in the past on old S

Fuji CP6 Issues, Questions

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 14:45:45 EDT 2007 | shrek

Well, whether your parents like it or not, I am an ogre! And guess what, princess Mika? That's not about to change. Princess Mika, all joking aside, the parts placed by my CP6 are billboarded, skewed, and mismounted in the lower left corner of th

Camera Problem on CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 07:29:41 EDT 2002 | winter

maybe you should check the mechanism .such as the drum with the twenty shaft.and A,B AXIS'S synchronization.and the clearance fo the helical gear.check the cutter and no strange sound, check the lens and no dirty or stable.check the twenty shaft.

Camera Problem on CP6-4000

Electronics Forum | Mon May 06 10:27:22 EDT 2002 | JCC

What version is your firmware?? This error can be caused bt something as simple as the background nozzle disks. Are you using the old style or the new vinyl ones?

Fiducials on feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 15:05:53 EDT 2002 | gencinas

What about Fuji machines? (CP4's, CP6's). Are they capable of using this system or just machines with magazines? Thanks.

0201 on CP43

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 17 16:56:45 EDT 2009 | gregf912

Sorry Keith but is not possible to place 0201 parts on the CP43 machine. THe XY table is not tight enough on the resolution or the Z height. The parts camera will not be able to tell the part from the nozzle. THe CP6-4000 machine can not do 0201 part

QFN shape on Fuji Flexa for CP6

Electronics Forum | Mon May 31 22:52:14 EDT 2010 | fujiphil

I think placing QFN in CP6 will be no problem....

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