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DEK 248 icon i2 screenprinter BIOS settings

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 21 22:05:01 EDT 2018 | srini1904

Hello, We have Dek 248 Icon i2 semi auto screen printer. This machine was not in use for long time and Bios battery was dead. We replaced Bios battery and now date are correct. Issue is its not communicating to control board. Suspecting Bios setti

Quad QSP2+ bios battery location?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 25 21:39:16 EDT 2023 | heinar

Hi, i not found bios battery...

Quad QSP2+ 5x86 bios settings needed.

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 03 01:57:17 EST 2024 | heinar

Hi, does anyone have quad QSP-2+ with motherboard 5x86. I, needed bios setting both computers. Have manual, but different. I have bios settings for 4x86, when needed then ask.

Flash BIOS for GSM machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 10:16:25 EST 2015 | goodting

Good day. I am asking if anyone knows how to access/have a copy of our BIOS file. This BIOS file which was designed by Phoenix , called biosrec.zip. Each day, we used the main EPC-1316(PCA,CPU/PMC)card to boot our Advantis machine; but the speciali

High temp grease needed

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 14:25:50 EDT 2005 | pjc

Here's the oil: BIO 30 - Biral Industrial oil (operates to +300�C ) BIO 30 is an extremely high quality synthetic industrial oil for a wide number of applications. BIO 30 leaves no carbon deposits and is highly resistant to oxidation. An outstandin

camalot 1818 vision initialization issue

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 03 14:38:42 EST 2011 | leemeyer

I had this problem awhile back and it turned out to be a problem with the computer Bios settings. The battery had gone dead and the settings were set back to the default state. Luckily I have 2 of these machines and was able to reset the Bios configu

Cleaning solvent for no-clean board.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 14:58:03 EDT 2002 | Ron Costa

Petroferm BioAct 105 works well for Indiums SMQ-92J

advice on Reflow oil that doesn' t stink.

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 12:40:38 EDT 2007 | russ

Our BIO30 stinks, but works great Love the fuchs

Philips Comet BIOS Password

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 23 21:12:22 EDT 2009 | jeffr

Yes, the password is kj0m42. It is the first 6 letters of the System Board part number.

Flash BIOS for GSM machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 10:27:12 EST 2015 | goodting

More info. The screen is now invisible. Any single tip to boot the machine?

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