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omit stencil apertures to hand solder or paste, reflow then solder.

Feb 25, 2020 | If you get the stencil made with all apertures included then you can blank some off with sellotape.

SMT Lead Free Line

Jan 6, 2020 |

DEK265gsx password reset

Jul 26, 2019 |

PCB Manufacturing Australia

Jun 25, 2019 | we are specialized manufacturers from China, Blank PCB Board, Impedance Control PCB, circuit board p

Reflow soldering issue

Aug 24, 2018 | Dear davef, but this LED is skip component, that's a blank footprint and one of its pad is badly we

Selective Solder Program Transfer

Apr 7, 2016 | Program and then the send button which brings me to a blank screen which I assume shows a log of wha

MPM UP100 vision fault

Nov 22, 2015 | Does it show anything at all or just blank screen?

MPM Accuflex, Lost Vision

Aug 13, 2015 |

Capacitor marking

Sep 6, 2012 |

TiMMS Traceability

Jan 26, 2012 |

Hand Soldering SMT Cap ?

Sep 30, 2010 | Sure. Doing what you're talking about will blank their process metrics, regardless if it's done man

Brownish Tint on 0805 components

Aug 2, 2010 | Right. Put thermal couples on both of them and determine what the blank is different.


Mar 7, 2010 | If you could fill-in the blanks, it would be easier to help you. For instance, questions are: * Wh

Panasonic CM101

Jan 27, 2010 | And making a form with drawings of generic parts with blanks to fill in the data can help streamline

BGA reballing tool

Sep 27, 2009 |

0402 tombstones

Apr 16, 2009 |

lead free finish

Jan 29, 2009 |


Nov 23, 2008 | Hi, the easiest way to see if there is PB is to get blank paper and to rub the balls on the paper,

voids when waving

Mar 12, 2007 | Thanks to all for the input I will try the preheating the "blank" out of it too. the preforming Idea

voids when waving

Mar 12, 2007 |


Feb 10, 2006 |

Mydaya Camera issue

Nov 26, 2005 |

BGA SEM test

Jul 29, 2005 | See: * The supplier guy says, "The assembler blanked the pooch." * The assembler guy says, "The su

ceramic cap cracking

Feb 3, 2005 | Try heating a blank board on a hotplate to 183 deg C. with a board this thick, if the layer construc

Dream SMT Line

Jun 5, 2004 | Blank Check.... count me in for this.


May 22, 2004 | Try either: * Scrap board from the board fabricator * Large peice of blank FR4

Dream SMT Line

May 6, 2004 | What do you want to do? Is it because you got a blank cheque that you wanna buy the best SMT Line as

Dream SMT Line

Apr 30, 2004 | If you had a blank check, what would the ideal/dream SMT line look like? I would like to get an

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