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Stencil cleanliness and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 15:37:32 EDT 2001 | Claude_Couture

Kerryn, It's the first time I hear someone who needs an automated inspection machine to check the cleanliness of stencils. Why not improve on the cleaning method itself. I use ultrasonic batch cleaner. It takes 3 minutes to clean a stencil, 2 minutes

BGA rework and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 10:31:03 EDT 2002 | robbied

Hi Yannick. This is an issue that we are just recently getting into but here is some ifo that I have gathered so far. I have seen/ used 2 different rework machines. The one we have bought is a 'PACE TF2000' which was at the lower cost end of the mar

Pick and Place drops nozzles

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 05 16:29:27 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

The air kiss is to replace the vacuum with air so the part will drop off the nozzle. Every machine I've seen with Air kiss, uses it when discarding a part as well as when placing a part. The air kiss should not be strong enough to blow the nozzle off

Re: Reflow glue and past.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 16:09:09 EST 2000 | dean

Generally speaking with most electronic grade epoxies: 1. Cure time is a function of temperature. 2. Polymer bonds begin to quickly break down above certain temperatures (product specific). I believe aprox 170-180C. The strength of the bond de

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 11:55:08 EST 2007 | chef

I recently had the same problems, solder bridges on every thing I made, different customers boards, etc. I wave with no-clean flux. As I sorted out problems (pin holes, blow holes, splatter, etc.) I found a lot of variable factors. I changed flux,

Flipchip sticking to tape and reel covers

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 21 03:56:34 EST 2005 | abhirami

Agree with Davef. Smaller the chip, more the static charge. I used to see this even with normal chips. Get an ionizer blow. It should solve your problem. May be switch to antistatic tape if affordable.Regards. GV

Cleaning Wave solder fingers and chain

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 14:02:46 EDT 2008 | jeffharley

We use a power washer, blow dry, then lightly oil the links with mineral oil. Works great

The care and feeding of adhesive nozzles

Electronics Forum | Sun May 23 11:02:45 EDT 1999 | M Cox

Any suggestions on how to maintain Adhesive dispensing nozzles??? They seem to plug up over night and it is starting to get on my nerves. We have tried leaving the nozzles in the machine, removing them and soaking in alcohol, blowing them out with

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 11:36:30 EST 2002 | William Guatemala

Have you check the flux gravity lately? If not, Check the flux gravity every 6 hours to make sure proper parameters are meet. Here is a list of things that may cause your solder ball problems; Excecive heat, defective fixtures, preheating temperature

paste release from stencil, and volume calculation

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 07 10:54:21 EST 1999 | Steve Thomas

We're looking at redesigning our stencils to facilitate better (well, it's pretty much non-existant, so any improvement is a big leap) release from fine pitch apertures. Currently we have perpendicular walled laser cut apertures. We'll be having

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