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Omniflow reflow blowers going bad ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 11:03:35 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

Ya I am hip on the caps. These blowers squeel then quit.

Omniflow reflow blowers going bad ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 11:01:49 EDT 2007 | leemeyer

We have an Omni 7. We were having problems where blowers wouldn't start. Turned out to be the start capacitors and not the blowers. I replaced all of the caps and haven't had any issues since.

Omniflow reflow blowers going bad ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 08:36:53 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

We seem to have a lot of blowers going bad on our Omni 10 lately. We run PB free and/or elevated sn/pb profiles on a regular basis. I am starting to suspect that the elevated zone temps are causing the blowers to fail. Has anyone else had this prob

Omniflow reflow blowers going bad ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 13:11:50 EDT 2007 | nitro

Usually the bearings lock up. I keep one spare blower on hand and change it out when I have one go bad, then take the bad one apart and change the bearings. The bearings are about $4.00 per set and are pretty common. Not too hard to find. I am using

Vitronics Soltec Reflow oven Blower

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 13 18:45:24 EDT 2009 | halleyjoan

Is there any possible way to repair the blower of vitronics reflow oven if it stuckup? How to replace its blower? Or i should be replaced as 1 assembly (cell motor and blower assembly).

Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 17:17:15 EDT 2011 | jlawson

Rehm is good choice...uses higher grade materials and electrical parts , especially blowers (3 Phase), not the China Made blowers as use in Heller. Most perople complain about blower failure on Heller... which is a cost in blowers but more issue of

Paragon Blower failures

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 11:05:43 EST 2010 | baildl632

We just received a Paragon 150 oven for production. We hadn't used it a week and we're getting "Top Blower Fail " alarm. I have checked all the top blower fans and they all are running. Can someone help as to why we're in alarm yet all the blowers ar

SMT 800 Blower Specs?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 22 19:16:32 EDT 2002 | Trace Melton

The blower that you inquire about is a 1 HP blower. If you have any further questions about the SMT-800 please contact me directly. Thanks, Trace Melton melton@aqueoustech.com

Really need Omniflow 7 replacement cooling zone blower motor!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 21:02:48 EST 2007 | Jnet

If you are just wanting a replacement blower for your air crossflow cooling section. You should be able to purchase through Electrovert cheaper than $1600 dollars. Someone must have quoted you more than just a replacement blower.

Aquastorm Blower Filters

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 19 17:16:44 EDT 2007 | jseagle

Hi all, Nevermind, I found them on my own for 1/4 the price. I am looking for a source for the Aquastorm Blower Filters. I have a price from the blower manufacturer but I think it is quite high. Thanks James

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