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Burn In Oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 17 08:58:50 EST 2006 | mapell

Check out this link.... do not know quality nor performance but it is a starting point for batch type ovens. http://www.blue-m.com/Default.asp#Scene_1 No association with the company or products.... thanks marc

High Temp (96/4) adhesive cure time/temp

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 12:26:33 EST 2001 | traviss

I used a Blue M batch oven quite a bit to cure in works great. All you have to do is get the board up to cure temperature, 150C normally and your all set. It will probably be in there longer than the time required but at that low temperature it shoul

Underfill Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 15:50:23 EST 2003 | davef

Some people run underfill through their reflow oven set with a normal recipe, but at breakneck speed. We think that might not produce the cure that we'd like to obtain. We'd don't use our reflow oven because we don't want to given-up the time to


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